DIY Series, Part One: The Creche

From what I can tell in the bloggersphere it's pretty cool to award your readers with a DIY craft campaign. Golly, who can keep up? Just kidding, I can. I can keep up. Here is my first Holiday-themed Do It Yourself tutorial. Warning: I am sorry if it's too complicated. I am really into crafts and it's hard to tell if what is easy for me is really difficult for everyone else.

How to make a kid-friendly creche:

Keep the spirit of the season in your home by re-purposing contents in the toy box to produce a viable nativity scene. Get the kiddies to help.

First, suspend your belief that only sheep and donkeys were present on that Holy Night. Giraffes, aliens, dinosaurs...why not? And in that vein, Joseph could be an astronaut, and Mary, Mulan. See where this is going?

Second, it helps to have a little toy baby to put in the center of a teething donut (from Darlybird!) but if you don't have either you could probably use a Lego guy and a real donut. (I like glazed.)

Third, use action hero guys to play the shepherds, (I beg you to defy that appropriateness). As it happens, these shepherds in particular are also excellent hygienists, but that's another biblical story for another holiday...

Fourth, it would also be appropriate to use your Made in Japan toys to represent the wisemen because everyone knows they came from the Orient! Thanks Dumo Kun and your twin and puppy. Their gifts, twin briefcases and myrrh are found in front of manger. They never forget the presents those wisemen, it makes them happy. See? See?

Fifth, if you believe in them, put a "floating angel" (Trompe d'oeil! It's really just a leg to a Connect Four game piece) blessing the blessed congregation.

Welp, there you have it. Five easy steps to a complicated creche. Easy to be destroyed, easy to be repaired--which is symbolic in away right?

Anyway, I think it's sorta sweet.

Call me if you have any questions. Just kidding

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