This Our Grateful Hymn of Praise

To document this Thanksgiving season, I wanted a family picture--not anything staged or orchestrated--but a simple, Here We Are! Thanksgiving 2010. We had planned on a quick self-timer shot on one of Chup's rigged up tri-pods. But just as the golden hour arrived--that luminous time of day when the sun spreads its late sunshine all over the valley--our friend Justin Hackworth just happened to stop by.

It might have been unprofessional of me, but I think we're good enough friends, I asked him if he could shoot the photo with Chup's camera. He called his awesome wife Amy and told her he'd be a little late, then Chup handed over his boxy camera and Justin shot away.

This time of year we talk about things we are grateful for, things of thanksgiving to celebrate. With my parent's move to St. Louis this year and the loss of that immediate support system, I've been amazed to see how our friends have quickly filled in the holes. Friends have given us food, travel, laughs, art, music, design, projects, motorized couches, cakes, clothes, guacamole, wedding parties, swaddling techniques and, (as evidenced in this post) photography that documents our family's growth. We were told we'd see blessings as a part of our parents sacrifice to go on a mission--but we had no idea how much. We see, feel, taste, live goodness daily thanks to our friends.

For *"Friends on earth, and friends above" --and may we add--"friends we haven't met," we praise our Lord and resoundingly say, Happy Thanksgiving To All!

*Words from For the Beauty of the Earth, this beautiful hymn as sung by the Lower Lights (Mindy Gledhill):

We are giving away so much stuff right now, I don't want anyone to be without:

A Kenmore Elite Fridge (read another one of Chup's funny reviews)
A Kenmore 5 Quart Mixer
Every single Basa Body product
Fictionist Album and Two Tickets to See Them Live

I am Courtney Kendrick and I'd like to make sure my international blogger friends know that even though they don't celebrate Thanksgiving this month I thought of them while writing this post.
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