The Sisterhood of the Traveling Baby Blue Puff Ball Dress

Clara McMurray was born a few weeks after our Ever Jane, to our neighbors Joy and Joey (I love those names for a couple). Clara has this beautiful baby face--generous cheeks, glittery eyes and round as a penny. One day she showed up at church wearing perhaps the greatest dress anyone ever made a baby girl in the fine decade of 1980 (1970?). It was a baby blue puff of ruffles, bows and lace. Ever experienced her first pricks of jealousy. Ok, it was me. I was jealous.

Joy's aunt had purchased the dress hoping she'd be able to put it on her own daughter someday. After years of hoping and saving, fate did not deliver a daughter. With only sons to her name, she tearfully handed over the dress to Joy and asked that Clara wear it in honor of her wish.

We heard this story from Clara's dad who is our faithful home teacher. I sheepishly asked if we could borrow the dress just for one teeny, tiny photo shoot--one reminiscent of my own baby book photos from the late 70s.I could see it in my mind's eye: the nursery's orange shag carpet, the bear skin rug (faux!) and Ever Jane in that dress. Last Sunday Joy brought the dress with all its puffy glory to church and kindly gave us temporary guardianship. I tried to be reverent in showing my excitement at church but it was hard. I love this dress so much.

Soooooooo muuuuuuuch.

And so did Ever.

Cue montage of photoshoot:

I am sorry to Joy's aunt for never having a girl. But I am not sorry that her dryness in the daughter department gave us an opportunity to wear such a splendid piece of fabric. This is Ever's first foray into vintage couture, but hopefully not the last.

(Thank you Joey, Joy, Joy's aunt and generous little Clara.)

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