I Think I Am Starting To Get It

After the Yo Gabba Gabba! concert last Tuesday I honestly felt like everything was right in my world. As though my happy childhood returned for a night and engulfed me whole. I was dancing and singing and hugging, celebrating every fiber in my being. And I have flashbacks about the moment when Plex (the yellow robot) took The Chief's spellbound face in his hands and tenderly cradled him for a second. The Chief inhaled, eyes as wide as Montana,

"Ohhhhh," he whispered, "bobot."

I need to go back there more often. Childhood is rad.

Pictured: Sister in law Megan with Luke, Meri, Stella, Jane, Me, The Chief, Claire, Nicholas, Vivianne, Sister Page, Seth, Ollie.

I am Courtney Kendrick and I'd like to thank Ruth, Scott and Sam Shultz for hosting us. And DJ Lance too.
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