Friday, November 19, 2010

Daddy Daughter Wife

I can't tell who has it better.

Earlier this week Chup Kendrick took his ladies out to lunch at my favorite locale, Red Iguana in Salt Lake. As we sat there soaking up mole and fried chips Ever passed the time grinning across the table at her daddy.

We have a daddy's girl. Yes, we do.

It's a term I'd never use (cheesy onesie slogan) but the shoe most definitely fits. And I can't tell if I am jealous or not because I find myself contemplating, would I rather be Chup Kendrick's daughter or wife? Who has it better me or her?

Her favorite place of tranquility is completely hidden in his neck and shoulder, her knees resting on his solid chest, bottom slightly protruding in the air. I want to be able to fit my body like that--a puzzle piece of security--and take a nap. Chunk o' heaven.

When he fishes her out of the tub she gets his immediate Japanese-style towel wrapping so that her body never feels any cold. If she cries in the middle of the night he runs to her side with a warm bottle. If she cries during her daily crawling adventures he picks her up and whispers, "It's okay Sister" in her tiny ear holes. If she cries for no good reason he repeatedly makes crazy faces at her until she's laughing.

He sings to her. He never sings for me.

They spend minutes just smiling at each other, why don't we do that? I'd like to try.

Yesterday he dressed her in her least favorite lavender onesie with the silver hearts.Yesterday she didn't scream, begging to take it off. Yesterday it was her favorite thing (even though he put it on backwards and it looked like a mis-sewn import from a unregulated factory in Cheaptown).

Before Ever came along I thought I had it good. I was Chup Kendrick's wife, lover, friend, help meet, support system and recipient of all his manly affection. And as much as I love being all those things (I mean, ok, he gets grumpy sometimes) I still think having Chup for a dad would be pretty danged dreamy. To be sure, we both have it good.

Maybe, it's a toss up.

Speaking of Chup Kendrick, he wrote a really funny review about our new fridge. Oh and do you want a new fridge? How about a new stand mixer? Oh, yes? Click here.

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