Without the Ten Foot Pole

Last week I received this email:

Dear Courtney,

I have been a big fan of your blog for a long time. I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your postings and respect you as a Writer, Mother, and Christian.

On facebook today I was sent a story and asked to sign a petition against Boyd K. Packer and his anti gay sermon which was supposedly given after the recent tragic suicides of several young gay people who have been outed and/or bullied on the internet.

My question to you is how do YOU feel about this? Being a Morman yourself do you feel as Mr. Packer feels or are you more open to homosexuality? It really is none of my business how you feel, I only ask because since I have begun reading your blog I have become very interested in your religion and have done some research into it and even visited a Morman service . . .I have had so many of my questions answered about your church online by a wonderful missionary and so I ask you this today not for any other reason than to find out what an intelligent, well rounded young Morman woman such as yourself thinks.
Oh how I tried to avoid answering this one. I tried to not write about it for four nights now. I stayed up way too late every night fighting with myself about my response--mostly wondering if my response mattered enough to publish it publicly. Then, borrowing from the analogy of the Phoenix, I let all the thoughts about this sensitive subject accumulate in my mind and tried to set them on fire--to turn them into ashes.

But out of the ashes grew more thoughts. So many thoughts I knew I wouldn't have the time to arrange them all in one post on one night. And with most of my brain's functionality directed toward keeping two children alive and semi-satisfied, I also knew I wouldn't have the energy to conjure up language that represented my soul.

So to this reader who took the time to email me (and compliment me too, thank you), and other readers who want to have a (decent) dialogue, or who might curious to know what one Mormon girl on the internet is thinking about this latest debate, I promise to you a response--not official, not polished, not critical, but personal. It just might take me a few days to get it all out.

Thanks for asking.

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