This Little Light of Mine + Ten Albums Tossed to Readers

Two years ago the music community here in Utah was so incredibly generous to my family when we needed it. They performed and donated and combined their talents for fund-raising and entertaining our wary spirits. I would stay awake at nights wondering how I could give back to them and was always assured that there would be a way.

The way presented itself this summer as an opportunity to sponsor the Rooftop Concert Series, a place where we could showcase a lot of these charitable musicians and make it free to the public. Tonight we will get to hear from our dearest friends--the members of the Lower Lights who are undoubtedly going to put on one fine hymn revival.

Sadly, not all my readers (who also gave and gave to my family) live in driving distance, and so my friends, we are going to to make it possible for you to win their beautiful album. I am giving away ten of them in fact, ten albums to give to ten people. Leave a comment here so I know you are interested. You have until midnight (mountain time) on Sunday.

Or you can buy it here, if you feel unlucky. And really, if you can't make it tonight you are a little bit unlucky.

Sorry, I had to say it.

I am c jane and I'd like to thank Scott and Sarah Wiley for making this giveaway possible.
Also, how did you like my cameo?
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