The Suitors: The Second One

I thought it was time I should update Ever Jane's future possibilities for love.

This second suitor is a cheerful and chubby fellow name Jonah Hardy. One cannot be sure that he will always be so chubby (or so cheerful) but to be certain, his eyes will forever remain a gorgeous gift of blue:

Ever and Jonah have already spent a weekend at the beach together and had a carefree cuddling session but nothing too serious as their parents made sure they slept in different cribs.

But it's obvious our daughter feels comfortable with this prospect, I mean is it me or is she getting cozy on his baby chest?

Everyone together now: ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Speaking of babies . . .Lulu & Jack giveaway anyone?

You like doll houses?

I am c jane and I don't know about the name Ever Hardy. Will people assume she's never tender?
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