Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sarah Sample In My Green Room

Over the weekend Chup and I held a small, private concert in the Green Room. It was an incredible night for us in many ways, some of our neighbors, friends and family were able to come, and some of them ate my cheese sandwiches and caramel dipped apples and marshmallows. And everyone had Azucar's Sampler--a grapefruit and ginger-infused Mormon-friendly refreshment.

And then there was Sarah Sample--our honored performer.

There were times her voice and music and lyrics were so beautiful I'd start to cry. And I'd look around the room and wonder if everyone else was feeling what I was feeling. I wanted to sob because life is so beautiful, so gorgeous. And I wondered how I became so soft.

Tonight we sat in the Green Room, twenty four hours after the concert--Chup, the children and me. I was talking about how I want to write about Sarah--her music, her voice, her friendship, her charisma and honor of art--has made me rethink what I do and how I want to be better at my own craft.

Then Chup turned to me and said, "Sarah made me cry like four times last night."

Oh gosh, I see I wasn't the only one.

I have got some writing to do--it would be selfish of me to not try and share that feeling of spirit with everyone I know.

p.s. here are two photos of me singing Holiday with Sarah (and Paul Jacobsen). After Chup said, surprisingly "You sounded pretty good," which you may not know is nothing short of A MIRACLE and also, practice makes pretty good.

p.p.s. this one is for whoever you are, and you know who you are.