On the First Monday in October

Today was a gift to my whole family.

A dark rainy day which lent itself well to staying in bed for hours after our eyes were awake. We wrestled, we jumped, we hid under the covers and relished in the clear, wide open schedule for the day.

Life has offered an influx of activity lately. We've been here and there and over there too. The whole month of September in fact was an apex of outings. To finally meet up with a lazy day felt like hitting a jackpot of homebound joy.

I chased away any desires to get dressed and opted for pajama chic. The Chief helped me sort laundry--a basement collection of clothes waiting to be washed. Chup connected with his brother MD and spent the afternoon skyping. We were so happy about the finalization of their adoption and sealing in the temple to daughter Mia this past weekend. Huzzah!

We drank peachy Jambas and cut into steamy cinnamon bread. Ever rolled the entire distance of the living room and threatened to start crawling on all her fours. The Chief discovered Halloween in our decorating and now everything is "sceery." I day dreamed of costumes.

For the length of the day I continued saying prayers of gratitude for the wisdom of a Heavenly Father who really does care about respite once in a while. Day to be home, to organize and establish order, to look into the children's faces and laugh.

When the rain paused we headed west to Lucy and Andrew's annual Pumpkin Pick. The Chief-clad in overalls for the occasion--perused the patch until he found his soul mate, or at least season mate. Oblong, no stem. Chup chose two round pumpkins representing us and a teeny, tiny one for the girlie. Back at the farm we helped ourselves to scones and cider and chili which had been secretly spiked with spices by Grandpa Beesley (even though he swore on his grave he didn't touch it).

As the rain started up again we retreated home. The sky was all but dark except turquoise in the horizon westward.

"Today finally feels like fall" Chup announced as we circled around the car with tired babies on our shoulders. We changed them out of their cold, wet clothes into warm pajamas and snuggled them in fleece blankets. Together we read the Book of Mormon, sang a few songs, offered a prayer and said good night.

Chup was right, today did feel like fall. But it also felt like heaven.

I am c jane and I think everyday is a gift of some form.
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