Yesterday. I swear.

I swear it was yesterday I gave birth to Ever--a pink, wiggly thing who cuddled next to me in the guest bedroom on a night I couldn't sleep because I was so manic about having her in my life.

It was yesterday right?

Because today I fed her bananas sitting up straight in a high chair, after a morning of crawling like a pinball to toys scattered around the front room. Today she sat strapped in her stroller as we went for a walk--the car seat attachment just a memory in the short past. Today she kept her shoes on all day long.

I need to know, is this going fast for anyone else?

If I go to sleep tonight will I wake up to find her bags packed ready to move in a freshman dorm room? Out of my house into her own life?


Because if it is true, I am going to get some masking tape tonight and tape my eyes wide open so sleep won't rob me of a decent passage of time.

(Is that it? Is that the point of getting no sleep when you are parents to babies and toddlers? Is it so you can be present for the part that flies by on the sinking and rising of the sun?)

My mind is on fire. Can't process.

p.s. MD and Kentuck, have you seen this baby recently? I had dinner with her last night and I almost didn't give her back. That is what you get for going to NYC without me.

And, I hope you don't mind, Ever passed down her sleepers. Hope Mia likes ruffles. On her bottom.

Two major announcements in one week, what am I CNN?

What's this cold, flaky white stuff?

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