First Bite Ever


The Chief woke up from his afternoon nap like this: I WAAANNNNAAA COOOOOOOKIE!

A cookie. See?

And the thing is, I like cookies but they aren't staples in our house. We don't just have cookies in our cupboards. You know when a two year old wakes up from a nap and they are as grumpy as hell--actual Hell--and they want the one thing you don't have? That was this afternoon.

There was no placating him either.

I tried to give him crackers, cheese, fruit snacks, left-over noodles.


About an hour later I just gave up. I flipped the IGNORE button and went on with my day. Then, when I was in the Green Room hugging on Ever Jane, Grandma Judy showed up with two elephant ears (large oval shaped fried dough dipped in cinnamon and sugar) fresh from the bakery.

I said: Look, a cookie!

And suddenly the sirens stopped and we had silence. And coooookies.

When The Chief had eaten a chunk, Ever Jane started chewing on it. This was the first time my baby had ever sunk her two tiny baby teeth into real food. I've tried rice cereal, and mashed up peaches, and a baby toast thing last Sunday morning, but Ever would not have any of it--rejected all with nostrils flaring and a back-pedaling tongue. But a slab of fried dough dipped in cinnamon and sugar ushered my daughter into this wonderful world of solid ingestion.

Welcome girl.

I wear my  heart on my sleeve.

Donut Couture.

I am c jane and Grandma Judy is my sister in law Suze's mom. We've sorta adopted her as our Grandma too. She shows up from time-to-time with treats or raspberry jam or a book she thinks I'd like to read. Suze calls her Double Duty Judy, because the woman never stops. She is part robot, we've decided. Robot with a HUGE HEART.
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