Sick kids can be scary

Chup here-

It's after 1 am and my dear Janer is passed out on the bed.

Justifiably so, as we had a tense couple of hours tonight with The Chief thinking he might be really sick. 

Luckily, thankfully, we got into an after-hours pediatrician and it looks to be much less serious than the things our anxious imaginations were coming up with.

Actually, a dum-dum from the doctor's office seems to be pretty potent medicine.

For those couple of hours though...good grief.

Heckuva shout out to Dr. Matthew Clayton, DO for being calm and informative and patient and...awesome.
(The guy gave me his mobile number.)

Tender mercy.

So, with both of them sleeping peacefully, I'm opting to NOT wake cjane and remind her of her "post a day" rule.

Thanks all - 'night - ck

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