Should I Retreat Now?

I am nervous. Tomorrow Chup and I are leaving for San Juan Capistrano to a Couple's Retreat on the beach. What does that mean? Couple's Retreat? So far it means that we had to locate a place where our toddler could stay for six days so that we could focus on the couple part of Couple's Retreat. (Thanks Meg!)

I mean, it's not a therapeutic, licensed Couple's Retreat, it's more like our friend's grandparents own a beach house and four of us couples are going to stay in it together for the extended Labor Day weekend. Don't worry, we're all Mormon and so things probably won't get wild. Plus two of us are slinging babies. Then again, we are Mormon and the other two of us are ripe for the next baby. So what am I saying here?

What I am saying is, I've never shared a romantic vacation and a beach house with three other couples for six days. If this isn't good blogging material I am in the wrong profession. And I am nervous.

To ward off my midnight nervousness I'd like to tell you about how Chup and I went to meet Sam of Sammy's Cafe here in downtown Provo and how he named his veggie burger after me. Because something about me says "name food after me" it seems.

First of all we walked into the joint and met Sammy. As we were saying, "Nice to meet you!" the lovely girl with the pink shirt and hipster glasses said to me, "I read your blog!" And I said, "Awesome!" and then Sammy introduced me to three of his adopted brothers from Romania and the same girl overheard and said, "I went on a mission to Romania!" It's a small place. I mean, not Romania, Sammy's Cafe.

If that paragraph didn't make sense to you it might be because you aren't Mormon enough.

But it had me laughing all day.

Then Sammy insisted we try his pie shakes wherein they take a whole slice of pie and throw it into the blender with ice cream and the result is only slightly better than his cupcakes shakes wherein they take a whole cupcake and throw it into the blender with ice cream and the result is better than any other shake in this great state of Utah.

Then Sammy recommended the rest of lunch while we talked about dealing with rock stars, which is Sammy's job on the side.

And I could totally empathize because I deal with The Chief, and sometimes he is a rock star. Or a punk rocker? Probably a little of both. (But mostly punk).

Before we had to say our good byes, Sammy said to me, "We are opening a new cafe in Rexburg, Idaho and we'd like to name a burger after you," which is every girl's honor, so I picked the black bean veggie burger because veggie burgers will always be a big part of my existence.

My homegirl Mindy Gledhill is going to be headlining the Sammy's Cafe grand opening outdoor concert next weekend, I really wish I could go, but I will probably be recovering from the Couple's Retreat and all of that marital meditation and seaweed soul wraps I will be doing.

Anyway, if you are going please try the c jane veggie burger and think of me fondly?

p.s. Check out Mindy's new music video Anchor here!

Speaking of concerts, please come to our Rooftop Concert featuring Benton Paul on Sept. 10th 8:00/ watch this piece of video (no motorized couches, but yes, skipping):

I am c jane and the OC and mandatory relationship inventory here I come!

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