The Mayor's Perspective

dear c jane
while i appreciate you asking me to write on your blog, and while i certainly love all the attention and fame that could bring, i'm afraid i will have to decline.

you see, i am a fan of your blog.  we've talked about this before i know;  how i read each and every one of your entries, checking in every morning to see how my good friend is doing.
but this is just too much pressure.  i'm neither eloquent nor particularly funny when i write.  (in real life, of course, i am both of these in spades.)

but no, i wont be able to help you out this time, it is just too intimidating.   your writing is so very good, pianoman, biblemom (grandma), cousin, and la doux have all covered things quite nicely.  and to quote a friend, "stupid, sexy the cleanser", has put us all to shame with his poetic take on the last few days.

this blogging business is hard,  i dont know how you do it every day.    it drives me crazy to hear about the inconsiderate emails and comments you receive.   i've never known anyone more interested in me - my family - our lives, more willing to help, more willing to give.  maybe if people understood that more they would see through the guise that comes along with your sarcasm.  even as i write you are asking the pianoman about his sister, and so genuinely expressing your gratitude for good fortune in his family.
and maybe if people knew more of the true joy you find in life; it's contagious and a blessing to be around....
and maybe if people knew the real love story of you and chup, how you both fill, with your strengths, the other's weaknesses...
and maybe if people got to laugh out loud with you....
and maybe...

maybe they wont ever know those things.  and maybe it's just we lucky few who get to know.  and maybe that's ok.

so might i just say what a joy it's been to be here with you and chup and the rest.   i feel full and ready to return to the real world.   sometimes we need to leave everything and everyone for a bit, in order to more fully own them again.

and so if our time here is of any worth, i hope it is to repay you in some small way for your kindness, for your generosity in the past, and for your help in the future.

sorry again about not being able to write that post for you.

-the mayor of couple's retreat

I am c jane and who knew The Mayor was so sweet?
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