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This weekend has been a dream. The sort of thing you always tell each other you should do but it never really happens. But here we are about to leave and not wanting to go back to reality. Don’t get me wrong – I love and miss my kids and appreciate my blessed life, but… I have no complaints about sleeping in, eating when we want, what we want, having nothing to do and no plan for the day and just sitting out on the patio basking in the sun and endless conversation, then staying up as late as we want because, after all, we can sleep in and do it all again tomorrow. 
c jane is the life of the party. She asks pointed questions and is genuinely interested in the answers and she has an amazing infectious laugh. I have serious chest-envy of her. Chup knows the name of every helicopter and boat that goes by. The Piano Man has a witty Seinfeld or Simpsons comeback for everything. Biblemom’s so chill and calm, which makes sense now that we know more about her flower child upbringing. The Cleanser is so good at everything which could make us all feel bad except with how nice and humble he is we all have a crush on him instead. Cousin is wise and always happy and always perfectly accessorized. The Mayor always has a funny story to tell. I am proud to be his wife. But mostly it’s so nice to be surrounded by people who share beliefs and values and have similar goals in life, who we can support and learn from and help along the way.
Our kids call every night crying because they can’t sleep and want us to come back, which I also can’t complain about. It’s great to be loved and missed and needed. So as we head back to our regular lives, I feel fortified and re-energized by our little get-away, so grateful that the stars aligned for each of us to allow it to happen.

I am c jane and I say amen to this. Especially the part about me being the life of the party.
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