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I take after my mother, I fall in love with people. Easily.

And like my mother, I am a desperate fool for people who make me laugh. I swoon over clever statements and relish in well-played punch lines. Funny, happy people make a an adoring puppy out of me. I am like a teenager with a poster on my wall and a bad case of Bieber Fever--there is no remedy. I am a fan for life.

An expanded weekend with such people by an offering sea awakened all sorts of places inside of me. I remembered the part of me who I really like. I was again that girl who falls in love with people because her heart isn't full of responsibilities.

I loved Biblemom for her satisfied demeanor. One night I actually spent time wondering about how pleasant it would be to wake up as her baby and see her morning face full of light and bright eyes. Lucky children, Biblemom's. I loved her for nursing tandem with me, and bonding over bodily baby feedings. She is a calm, gifted woman who was the first to dance in the ocean. And I loved her bikini, I hope she doesn't mind me saying that.

I loved her husband, The Piano Man for his unfailing cleverness. He didn't speak as much as the rest of us, but when his mouth opened a great intelligent and comedic quip would escape, and for hours I'd be laughing. And when we went out to brunch he was the one who had a plate full of hash and a side of hair. He was so cool about it, didn't make a big deal but he did make us perfect strawberry shakes later that night. And most of all, I loved his non-judgmental style, he is comfortable and modest too.

I loved watching their marriage mostly because I had just met them on this trip. They are wonderfully kind and respectful to each other, he played with the baby and she made fresh salsa and when the baby started to fuss, she took the baby and he finished the salsa. I loved that. And when I look at their photo above I feel enormously sentimental.

I loved La Doux because she makes me feel safe. I love her poise and posture, the way she wrings her hands together when she is thinking. I love that she reached out to me to be my friend several years ago and I love that we were the co-creators of this newly found friendship group. I love her capability, her honesty, the faith she has in me and others. I love her point of view and uncanny sense of observation. I love that she can talk me into or out of just about anything--and this is where I put the *wink wink* inside the post and make everyone curious.

I loved The Mayor because he is always the spice, the best part of any outing. He is perhaps the funniest person I know (perhaps tied with Topher). I love his deprecation, I love how he wears his artistic frustrations on his sleeve, I love how comfortable he is in loving other people too.Being an audience to his story telling is one of the best aspects of my life, there is no end to the surprises--like this trip where he told us about singing a duet on stage with Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs at several huge concerts when he was a student at USC. I love that he had never told us that one before, even though we've known him for years. And I especially loved hearing the live duet on his Ipod later.

I loved their marriage because it is sexy. Can I say that too?

I loved Cousin like I always have loved her. I love her for her bravery and firm sense of self. She has a strong, sweet Pepsi-loving heart. I loved over-hearing a phone conversation with her distraught daughter, Cousin prayed with her over the phone and told her to look forward to the next day when she'd have a field trip and donuts in her lunch. Isn't that all we need in life? I love Cousin because she is a remarkable mother and I can appreciate what a gift that is these days.

I love The Cleanser for laughing. He is funny, but he is even more funny because he appreciates other's humor. He has talent oozing out of his being and even through my jealousy I love him for that too. I was there in his past which makes me love his future. And I love how he introduced me to Katy Perry's California Gurls. Actually, I am not quite sure I love him for that as I've been singing "we'll melt your Popsicle" all day long. And he is not going to believe this, but I love him for cleansing on vacation.

I love their marriage because Cousin is the only person in the world that The Cleanser could've married, and he knows it. Plus, they populate the earth with children who have dreamy faces.

I love Chup for as many reasons as grains of sand I swatted out of my suitcase this morning when we arrived home. But maybe I love him most right now because he frees me up so I can love others. He doesn't crowd me out with jealousies or distrust, he knows that when I am full of love he gets the most of it. No matter how high the heaping of love, he will always be the top.

Plus, he is funny too.

If seven thirty-somethings (and one forty-something, but who is counting?) with lives full of children, careers and church responsibilities could plan a perfect vacation it would look like this: sunny days on a beachfront terrace with nothing to do but sit and talk. Occasionally eat, but mostly sit and talk. Something they cannot do otherwise without interruption.

A perfect vacation would look like this: Our Couple's Retreat.

*black and white photos of the couples by The Cleanser, aka Jed Wells.

I am c jane and I met up with two of my favorite bloggers on this trip as well. I am going to tell those stories soon.
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