By Shoot. We Pulled It Off.

Our first Rooftop Concert Series concert was cool. Really.

Nik Day is a name you are going to hear a lot more in the future. Trust me.

Happy audience.

Bring out that Mr. Benton Paul.

Benton is really nice. In case you wondered. And I am not saying that just because he said he was going to start "reading" my "blog".

Great show. I can't believe the turn out. We were all floored.
Thanks for coming.
Come back Oct. 1 for the Lower Lights? It's going to be magical.
Trust me.

p.s. Thanks Jenn Blosil for her impromptu concert. Wow, those are some pipes Woman. (Check her out.)

p.p.s These were Chup's shots. We're looking forward to Justin Hackworth's photos to come when he is done sleeping until February.

p.p.p.s. Thank you blogging world, for making events like this possible, seriously come over here so I can snuggle you. How about we bring it to you next time, what do you think Michigan? Arizona? New Zealand? 

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