Bug in Your Ear

I might as well come out and tell you, I have a goal to post every day until Christmas. This Christmas 2010. I know my Jewish friends like Bari in NYC don't celebrate Christmas, so to her I say: I might as well come out and tell you Bari, I have a goal to post everyday until December 25, 2010.

Now I should have my bases covered.

But I was up sooo late the other night trying to figure out some social media stuff (because my facebook account has maxed out at 5,000 friends and I feel bad because what about my 5,001 friend?) and I was too tired to post, so ooops I didn't quite make my goal and I still had four months left.

But then I went on a walk and decided that if I didn't post on one day it could be forgiven if I posted twice the next day, and because I am the type of person who loves to make up her own rules, it worked! Tonight I posted a post about my father in law, and now I am writing this post, and I feel all sorts of BACK ON TRACK!

Only, this post is sort of lame.

Maybe it will get better if I post a picture that Chup took of a fly on the wall:

Intriguing Chup, thank you.

Speaking of a fly on the wall, today Lucy and I were at lunch with our children downtown when we indulged in some sisterly gossip, I mean the kind where I spill leaky details about my life, and when I was done squeezing the juicy details out of my soul the lady sitting at the table next to us said, "Hi. I read your blog."


And I said, "Oh shoot. I was gossiping."

And she said, "I didn't hear anything."

But between the both of us? I HAVE A LOUD VOICE. I am deaf in my right ear (born with a hole in my eardrum) and I compensate all the time.

(Hi cute lady from Central Bank! Mum's the word alright?)

Well, I promise a better post next time. There is a lot of good to do in the world and unfortunately, this post isn't going to help the cause.

On the bright side, I have a new facebook page so if you want to be my friend on planet facebook you can like me there.

I am c jane and I should say "mum's the word" more often.

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