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Before embarking on this adventure I did not know who c jane was.  In fact, when I was told about her and her famous blog I thought I better look it up, you know, do a little research.  So I did, I looked up the blog “See Jane”.  So you see, jane, that’s how much I didn’t know about her.  Now, after four days of laughing, singing, talking, laughing, listening, laughing, and even a little bit of dancing, here’s what I do know.

c jane wears tall shoes, I do not. c jane blogs, I do not. c jane is famous, I am not. c jane is a mom, I am a mom, and we have our sweet, littlest ones here together.  No matter the differences, no matter how long we may have known each other, one thing is certain, we are all friends.  Friends who run together into the freezing Pacific, friends who sit around the campfire, friends who offer advice and encouragement, friends who can dish it out and who can take it.  Friends who can even finish each other’s sentences.   We have so much to share with our differing backgrounds and experiences.  We have so much to learn and we each walk through this life trying to be a good spouse, a good parent, a good person.  And now, we’ve added to our quiver a little more insight, a little more experience, and hopefully a little more to ourselves so there’s more of us to share.  The retreat has been a time of renewal and regeneration and we’re ready to go on home keep on doing what we do best, enjoy it!

I am c jane and I can't believe Biblemom didn't know who c jane was. What???
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