To Mom & Dad in St. Louis: Summer's Expiration Date

Mom and Dad,

Summer doesn't last forever, so it seems.

A storm front rolled into town this week and decided to stay awhile. Even now the wind is knocking at our windows preparing us for the next batch of rainstorm. As a result, The Chief has learned to say the words thunder and lightning this week and his eyes double in size whenever he sees or hears either.

A manic about the weather? There is Clark in him after all.

As you can guess, we've spent a lot of time indoors this week. To pass the hours, The Chief has taken up a new hobby of sorts: Action filming with his Daddy's GoPro camera. His first project--a toddleresque documentary--stars Aunt Lucy, Uncle Beezer, Wendy D. and of course Boots. (Look in your inbox for a link to his online premiere!) It's sure to garner critical acclaim with even the toughest critics.

(Or am I just a proud mother?)

 Also, as a result of the wet weather, Popsicle consumption as decreased. Although clothes-wearing is still optional. Evidenced above.

As for Ever, she has begun to store necessities in her cheeks. You might think this squirrely, but I think we might be in for a long winter.

There was a morning last week when I contemplated turning on the heat. Can you believe that?

Look what happens when you leave . . .

Your Jane

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