For Ever Hallelujah!

A good friend and I were talking the other night, she asked me, "What is the best part of you right now?"

I like that question, especially the qualifier right now.

Because I'd like to believe I'm made up of thousands of moving parts (both physical and not) which rotate and cycle, influx and flow and the best part of me is constantly changing.

But I answered pretty quick.

"My daughter."

She's the best part of me right now. And maybe that is because of her padded cheeks or darkening brown eyes, or how she smiles at me when I am not looking at her. And maybe it's because she rolls the entire length of our living room while I am cleaning up our house. And maybe it's because she likes to put her head in between my chin and clavicle and go to sleep. And maybe it's because she smells good.

Probably all those things.

But in times like this in my life when I am not so easy on myself, when I feel disappointed at the little things I can't seem to conquer, or the uncomfortableness I feel in my bubbly body, I know she is satisfied with me. She likes what I produce and man, it shows.

My goodness babies are a Godsend.

Post Edit- After some discussion I decided to take down that first photo of me holding Ever (previously posted). Though I am quite bubbly, Chup's wide angle made me even more so, and well, I need all the help I can get.
Tonight while looking through photos I found the black and white one above which I felt was more suited to the story. I love her even when she is fussy face.

I am c jane and I'd like to hear from you, what is the best part of you right now?
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