The First Ever (Possibly) Chocodile Birthday Cake with Balloons!

This was Chup's birthday:

The Chief and I secretly picked up a dozen balloons in his favorite colors before he woke up in the morning. We don't do fancy birthday decor around here mostly because I am lazy and also because balloons are pretty awesome on their own.

And later we had The Birthday Cake--a homage to two things really: Chup's recent fling with Chocodiles and Carina's Charlotte (two things that may slide to either side on the classy cake scale).

(I feel kind of naked now that you've seen the inside of my fridge.F.Y.I The Hershey Bars are for s'mores to make for my sister in law Lindsay who just gave birth to my niece Vera. You must have s'mores after giving birth, or before, or four months later or four months after that . . .)

I had to remind Chup that he now has 39 candles to blow out which means we have to buy two boxes of candles to have enough for his cake. I am sure that made him feel better about having one year left until he is OVER THE HILL!!! !!  !!!!! !

Is it weird to claim I look forward to his midlife crisis?

It's going to be a blast.

p.s. I know you are going to want the recipe for that cake of divine conception BUT I hate to inform you this: it's all in the genius head of Azucar. (I didn't nickname her Sugar for nothin'.)

p.p.s. Yes The Chief was pant-less most of the day--it's a carefree way of celebrating a birthday! Try it on your big day next time it rolls around. Thank me then.

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