Chup (and Ever) at dinner tonight-- photo thanks to Shannon Hodson

Tonight we were having dinner with our out-spoken, hug-loving, introspective friend Shannon. We were talking about the complication of a husband's needs and a wife's wants and the general meeting of both. Somewhere in the middle of all that philosophizing I looked over at my husband--across the table from me--and blurted out,

"Shannon, I love my husband."

And she said,

"I know. Why are you telling me that right now? Are you worried I am going to steal him?"

And I said,

"No. I just wanted to say that. I really love him."

After dinner she posted this photo (above) on my facebook wall and it's causing me to blurt out on my blog too,

"Blog, I love my husband."

And I know, you know, but lately? Lately our marriage has been maturing it seems. We're more secure about who we are as a team. And I am interrupting him less when he is talking, and he is less annoyed when I forget and interrupt him when he is talking.

Plus we make cute babies.

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