Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ahh August! Augusto! How Do We Do?

Look, I just don't do well in August. August to me is like the month where you lie waiting for bad news. I am sorry to say this if your birth occurred in August (smooches Chuppie Pie!) or if you were married, or learned how to ride a bike or the like, but honestly August is a speed bump in my path around the calendar year.

Last night I couldn't even sleep. I mean, I could sleep . . . for 45 minutes. Not because of stirring creatures or snoring husbands (not you Chupa Chupa) but because I was simply plotting a plan called: How Do I Get Out of Doing August This Year?

Luckily my schedule called for a lunch with the fabulous (and I mean that word) Natalie Lovin Hollbrook who showed up to P712 with some sass and the tiniest seven month baby bump I've ever seen. Talk about speed bumps . . .

As we were eating talking eating talking  (mostly talking about my slumpy attitude) Nat mentions to me that her mother's answer to the doldrums was: Put Your Shoes On.

"What did that signify?" I queried.

"That you were ready for action," she explained.


Then, honestly, I fell in love with Nat the Rat even more. (At that point.) And I used to be really careful about how much I used the word "love" because I wanted it to be "significant" and really "mean something" but I watched Mia Michaels spill it out of her artistic mouth about twenty bagillion times tonight on So You Think You Can Dance and I stopped worried about the frequency of which I use that word. Besides, it's "love" how can you over-use it?

Then Nat blessed Ever with some of her state-side onesies and such. Which we LOVED.

On returning home from this lunch--wherein I ate an enlightening sandwich consisting of Nat's mother's motto between two delicious slices of Nat herself--I decided to not (NOT) kick off my shoes. In fact, I invited everyone in my home to: Put Your Shoes On.

"Yeah?" says Chup, lazy from lawn mowing (ours, not like he's taken away jobs from the twelve year old boys in the neighborhood) "And where are we going?"

"Up the canyon to the waterfall!" I said like it was DISNEYLAND or MESQUITE!

And immediately The Chief starts running in circles because he picked up on the word "water" and he thought it meant we were Putting On Our Shoes to go in the backyard to turn on the hose. Hooray! August is Glorious!

But no.


We actually drove up the canyon where the air is cooler and filled with campfire smells (I love you s'mores) and walked up the Bridal Veil Trail (I love that name for a waterfall) and threw walks into the base of the falls and dipped our feet.

(you're thinking: c jane in animal print? grrrr! like button!)

When Ever started arching her back and refused to think her brother's rock-throwing antics were entertaining we left to get an ice cream cone.

"That was nice," said Chup later as we were licking ice cream off our fingers in our front yard.

And I said a little love prayer to Heavenly Father to thank Nat and Nat's mother for saving at least ONE day in August.

p.s. What am I going to do tomorrow?

p.p.s We put Frogs in our backyard pool to see how he would like it! He LOVED it! And then we couldn't find him the next day. We were sad. So scratch Frogs off the characters on this blog and please don't hate me because I didn't take my pet keeping seriously.

p.p.p.s This is for my safety-loving friends who previously didn't think I took my safety-loving seriously:

Triple latched baby! Ever should be the Safety Commenters Mascot! I LOVE it.

ppppppps. Ever has the longest tongue of any baby on this planet. Don't tell The Suitors.

I am c jane and I wrote this post barefooted.
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Rhonda Miller said...

I never comment. But I can't look at Ever one more time without saying SHE IS PRECIOUS!

Rachael said...

Oh, she is just heavenly. And it cheers me up to know that I'm not the only one who gets the August blues. August is just so - nothingy. It's a month where everything stops happening. But yippee, it'll be September soon, and that means autumn, and frost, and Hallowe'en, and Guy Fawkes Night and then that-thing-I-won't-mention-because-people-start-panicking. Hurrah!

AFarCryFromNormal said...

Ooooo I do love August because I was married in August. Do you hate me now? Just kidding! I have a love hate thing because August means back to school (even if that is homeschooling and I am not saying I hate homeschooling). It just means that I am really just sad that summer is coming to an end. It does mean that I get to drive up the canyon and look at the dreamy colors of the leaves in the fall. It means though that Winter is coming. I like the snow....for a minute. I like visiting it. Just not driving in it and getting all my brood bundled up during the water. I am in love with shorts, flip flops, swimming pools, longer nights etc. Ok so it is late and I just wrote a novel on your blog. Ohh and by the way, I have been meaning to drive up to Bridal Veil (I love that name too) so you are inspiring me to. Hmm should I do it tomorrow or Friday is the question?! Seize the moment I guess! Tomorrow there is a FREE showing to Princess Bride @ the Tent in the City Park in Alpine. There is tons of stuff to do on Saturday too, if you are looking for something to do.
P.S Ever IS precious. You both make adorable babies!

NatTheFatRat said...

I like-buttoned all up and down this shizz, sister. And aren't you glad we live in a world where we exist for each other? And also also, I really love you back. Like, from the rooftops!

englandmom14 said...

well i like august because i was born this month. also, it is the end of summer/start of a new year (new year if you have kids, lol). i like the transition. also, cudos for triple latching ever in. she is too precious to lose right? however, you need to scootch (it should so be a word, lol) up the clip toward her shoulders a tad. it should sit higher on her chest to be properly fastened in. ...from another safety lovin' mama.

MH72 said...

You know, having a long tongue is not that bad :-)
When I was born ages ago the doctors told my mum I had a long tongue. No I am not kidding - that is what he said!
And here I am, a mother of 4 (each of them with normal, short tongues!) and I can always, always impressive them (and on special occasions also their friends) with me being able to touch my nose with my tongue. Because yes, that is what us long-tongued (!) people are able to do.
So congratulation to Ever on her tongue and welcome in our little, exclusive club :-)

tharker said...

I love August because it's ma birthday! And it's my son's birthday!

I hate August because it means the end of summer.

I love August because it means the end of summer.

I hate August because it means back to school time.

I LOVE August because it means back to school time.

See, it's sort of a love/hate thingy with me...depends of which day in August it is ;)

This Girl loves to Talk said...

we dislike august here (In my part of australia) because the westerly winds pick up. its cold (australian standard cold i suppose) and blustery.. who likes chapped lips and blown hair???

Anonymous said...

I'm saying this because I care, not because I'm mean.

Ever's car seat straps are not safe the way they are across her shoulders.

Pol said...


I just knew someone was going to say that!

Julie said...

What an adorable photo of Ever! She is such a cute baby.

Anonymous said...

ugh. those straps. normally I wouldn't care (I gave up when I saw Nie's kids on motor scooters without helmets), but I think it's funny you think THAT is a picture of carseat safety.

Anonymous said...

nice, just when anonymous comments were turned back on. thanks for nothing, ya b*stards!

'cjane in animal print?' i was thinking more along the lines of 'cjane in crocs?!' i'm intri-gued...does that style make for sweaty feetsies?

Sarah said...

I love your blog and look forward to it every day. But please take your pet keeping committment seriously. Having a pet is both a responsibility and a privilege, even the if the pet is just a frog. I'm sure it was an accidental disappearance, but putting an African frog in a Utah pool is not all that logical.

Anonymous said...

CJane...sorry you have to put up with the nasty commenters...I'll apologize for them, because for all their "common sense" they seem to have lost their manners! :) hugs to you and your darling family! (I'm going anon so I don't become the next target - hehehe.)

Julie said...

I love Ever's onesie. Is that one of the state ones?

Mandy said...

Well as an August birthday-er I could take offense to this, but I must agree that other than the 6th of the month I can pretty much do without it and skip right on to September with the apple cider and sweaters and other fall-ish things. Your kiddos are adorable btw - my husband wants to shave our boys' heads like you do yours and you have *maybe* convinced me that it wouldn't be the end of the world. :)

arajane said...

three things:
1. you make the cutest babies. those cheeks!
2. i, too, want to adopt "put your shoes on." though i say that whilst typing this from the comfort of my couch. sans shoes.
3. i totally have that exact dress! and i never wear animal prints. ever. but something about it called to me when i was traveling in hot hot hot eastern washington this weekend and i needed something to lounge by the pool in.
and p.s. i'm not much of an august fan either.

Anonymous said...

Love that first shot of you & Ever at the base of the waterfall. I have similar feelings about August. I need to take your friends advice to heart too:)

Anonymous said...

For the love...

Ever is strapped into a stroller not a car! You don't think those 3 straps are enough to properly restrain her in a stroller! What force exactly do you think will be hitting her on the trail?

You people look so hard for flaws that you forget to look at the picture in its context!

I always loosened my baby's straps on a walk for comfort! You get back to the car and then you adjust for a car trip! Context people, context!

I guess you HAD to find fault somewhere...I wish all you naysayers would PUT YOUR SHOES ON and go find something productive to do with your time!

Jocelyn said...

I AM willing to say this with my name attached. And I say it because I know how much you love Ever. I think she is beautiful, Her carseat straps really are not safe. I know here (Canada) when we have a baby, we can take our carseat to a clinic or ambulance station and they will ensure the carseats are 1. properly installed and 2. show you how your child should be considered safe in them when buckled. I go and get ours checked about every 6 months just to be sure. As one police officer stated, "I would much rather be here making sure seats are installed properly than watching parents mourn the death of their child, a death that could be avoidable." I am one of those "carseat nazi's" and will happily continue to be one.

I SO look forward to August. My hubby is a teacher so I can get back onto MY schedule and then the kids go back.! ahhhhhh

The Boob Nazi said...

August is pretty much the worst month of the year, but it does mean that fall is coming. I can put up with it for that.

Cher said...

I was going to comment on your suitors post but then I got too lazy. But when I saw the comment about Ever's long tongue I knew that I had to... I have the perfect suitor for Ever. He is beautiful and wonderful and equally as chubby- with an equally long tongue. When they are both 25 (as we have also placed an age limit) they can marry and make the cutest babies EVER! Check him out---
let me know...

Rebecca MacIntosh said...

That's too funny! My horrid month is March. I seriously hate it and would like it to disappear, so I GET it!

MrsRobbieD said...

I wish People would read ALL the comments before posting..

Ever is in A STROLLER not a car.

Cannon's said...

You should stroll down the river walk near the lake. It's so tree lined and quiet. Another great place for a little one to throw rocks. I miss that place.
P.S. Every time you are bored or hot, picture us in the Mojave desert sweating away until October. We hate August around here too.

Anonymous said...

Please don't get any more pets. Thank you.

auntjone said...

Can I have your kids? I'm serious. I need those cheeks in my life. Full disclosure: I have two boys but they are lacking in the cheek department, sadly.

Nicole said...

My daughter has stinky feet. even right out of the bath. Who ever even heard of that?!?!?...speaking of silly baby characteristics...

Diana said...

Ugh, I HATE August! It always seems to be the harbinger of bad news in my life! I had to laugh at this post because I did the exact same thing you did, except I hiked the Y! It does put a nice twist on a usually too hot, too long, and too wretched month.

Poor little froggy, your family has my sympathies. :)

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

There is no mistaking those beautiful babies as brother and sister! Boy do you and Chup make some seriously good looking children!

Jeanne said...

I also had to make sure someone had commented on the car seat. Just be sure to adjust those straps before you move her back to the car. If you put yourself out there and say "Hey, look at this picture of my baby in her car seat! She is the picture of car seat safety" but in reality, there is something not safe about it, then it is not "mean" to point out the mistake. That is the nature of having a public blog.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone gets that it's a stroller. I don't need to read to see that. But people are commenting only bcs she went out of her way to show how safe she was being .. when it's on wrong.

I think she does it to stir the pot.

I do NOT understand why Nie lets her kids do what they do. That's a totally different story.

Jenny said...

I sit here 7 days overdue with my 4th baby and think how much I love August. We packed the beginning of summer with stuff and now we relax and get ready to go back to school and I celebrate my wedding anniversary and hopefully at any moment our baby's birth and get excited for fall. So here is one person who loves August.

Chatty Natty said...

I can't help but think of some Jack Johnson lyrics:
"Oh but everybody thinks
That everybody knows
About everybody else
Nobody knows
Anything about themselves
Cause their all worried about everybody else"

Damn-u Court for not being perfect.

Tifani said...

You are adorable! Ya know, my sister and I were talking the other day and we think an August day lazying (is that a word ;)) with Cjane and Nie would make for the best august day EVER!!!!! love ya tons sweet friend
Safford az

Natalie said...

hey! I didn't even know I had lunch with you.... Ü
(I wish I was that lucky)

♥, Natalie Holbrook

Anonymous said...

Please don't ever get any more pets - stick with robotic ones you don't actually have to care for.

melaina said...

i never comment, but i just wanted to tell you that i cracked up when i read your last ps. And Ever and the Chief are both adorable.

Vicky said...

I LOVE August and I LOVED this post!!!

Anonymous said...

cjane... love you and your posts. :)

But I will say, that yes, the straps are unsafe as is. I think the first person that commented about it was rather un-snarky about it actually! But then the die-hard cjane supporters (Bless their hearts) had to jump on them to save you!!

Here's the thing. I will say something to people if I see their straps are too loose, if the carseat is not strapped in correctly, etc. Because I love children. And you can think i'm rude, and you can think i'm sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, but the fact is, i'm not pointing it out because I think i'm better than you, but because maybe, just maybe, you actually don't know... And i'd rather take the chance to make sure they're safe. Not for you... for them...

And I have had people that seemed generally surprised when I pointed it out... And thanked me for caring and showing them.

So here's the deal, for some of you "It's just the stroller" people. The reason strollers come with straps is to hold the child in IN CASE THE STROLLER TOPPLES OVER. If the straps are not secured, and for some reason, you hit a bump, your child is not secured. Just an FYI.

jennifer's little things said...

Even though I read your blog faithfully, I've never commented before. Until now. Your picture of Ever's tongue made me giggle. You should know that it rivals the length of my daughter's tongue. When she was little I thought it might kinda be like a puppy's paws - she'd grow into it - but no. Almost 9 years old and her tongue can lick mid-way up her nose. Makes me laugh every time.

Oh, and I love, love, LOVE your blog. And I don't mind saying that....


Stacie said...

I rarely comment but I dont see what the big deal is about the seat and ever not being secure. Its strapped THREE different whats not safe about that? Who cares. Gosh. I dont have kids though so maybe thats why I dont get it. As for was a frog..african or not I am sure it will be fine. Small animals but dogs or cats or birds take some better responsibility ( i know, I have birds) But I love your blog post CJane and as for Nie and the way she raises her kids, nobody is 100% perfect and everyone has their own ideas on doing things. So you anonymous or not ppl, just relax

Amy said...

totally just blogged about this dude. i am trying to learn to love august.

shameless plug--->

Danielle said...

For those who are intelligence-challenged: It was a FROG.

Not a cat. Not a dog. A FROG. Who is back in his natural habitat to boot.

Geez, what is with all these self-righteous people?

Anonymous said...

Please don't be careless with pets. They are living breathing animals. And for those of you saying it's just a frog, not a dog or cat, that is BS! You shouldn't purposely harm a fish a frog a bird a dog or any other pet! You are an adult cjane, and had to know putting a living animal in a swimming pool and leaving it overnight was NOT a good idea!

Anonymous said...

maybe they had stopped and were resting on the grass and courtney loosened the straps so ever wouldn't be pinned to the back of her stroller. you've never done that? seriously? please.

maybe she loosened the straps so we could see the cute onesie that she got from nat. again, maybe they weren't moving at the time.

maybe she loosened the straps because she knew the safety patrol would jump all over her and it was a passive aggressive little joke on YOU.

i know people mean well, but it just gets old after a time. she knows, she knows, she knows. you've made mistakes as a mother too. you've over looked safety concerns as well. yes, you have. we all have. it's called life. it's called, 'my kid is screaming her head off and pitching a fit because she doesn't want to be in this stroller anymore so i'm going to loosed the chest restraints while we walk back to the car so she CALMS DOWN and stops driving me and everyone around me crazy.'

and also, can i have your blog address? and can you turn on anonymous comments?

Alyse Burt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DANIELLE said...

I mostly think it's hilarious that you put Disneyland and Mesquite in the same sentence.

Kim said...

I know what you mean about August. This year my son starts school on the anniversary of my daughter's death. I always knew it was going to happen, but I never wanted it to.
I hate August. It's my least favorite month.
Hang in there...September will be here before we know it.

Jessica said...

August blows. I like January and February way more than August.

Anonymous said...

A grassy backyard in Utah is not the natural habitat of an aquatic African frog. I'm sure the frog is dead by now. Nice lesson to teach your toddler about respecting all of God's creatures...

Alexa Mae said...

wait a minute, hold the phone! is the chief like 4 years old all of a sudden or what? he is so flippin cute and looks so big.

on another note:
dear courtney,
do not count out my sweet Bronson as a suitor for your daughter. You see when he gets back from his mish, and has a couple years of college in him, EJ will be ready to marry. Just sayin.

p.s. where oh where are your TOMS?

Tana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee...I like it when you stir the pot Courtney!

Phoebe said...

cjane, you are funny! Totally stirring the pot by posting that pic of the straps way down on her shoulders and then calling it out as super safe! Did you have bets on how many scoldings you would get? On how many adoring fans would vehemently defend you? I can see how this could become a game for you and Chup.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking maybe anonymous went to school with CJane or NieNie and they were popular and she was not and she has carried it with her all these years. Now she can get back at them by waking up every morning and posting nasty little snippets on their blogs! Honey, it's time to let it go. When you live every day for the rush of leaving nasty comments on a blog, there is a problem. Either give it up or get some counseling to help you give it up. You may miss the rush you get, but you'll be so much happier. Karol

uniquelynat said...

i was born in august. just barely. i stalk nat's blog- simply (at the beginning) because we share the same name. now i just find her mesmerizing. and august is the time of year i wish i lived ANYWHERE besides here (airzona)! mostly i want to be in utah or colorado. some place cooler. so- in conclusion- you are not alone in august.

Jen said...

Please don't get any more pets!

Gina said...

I was born in Ireland in August. I loved the fact that in August the weather had a teeny weeny chance of being warm. That the chance of rain and fog and chilly wind was slightly lower that other months. I loved my summer birthday.

Then I moved to Australia with all its seasons topsy turvy and I find that I have a winter birthday.
NOT FAIR!:even though Aussie winter is arguably as warm as Irish summer :-)

Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife said...


Stuffed pets are in your foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

You just released a non-native species into the environment. Lots of people do stuff like that because they are completely unaware of the potential consequences. Maybe Mormons don't care about earth consequences. But if you DO care, research starlings, purple loosestrife, kudzu and well, karma.

Not anonymous. My name is Shannon.

Jen in NY said...

Not a big fan of August either. I love the idea of putting your shoes really do feel more "ready for action!"

Several people have commented on the car seat straps not being's true, the straps need to be over the shoulders with the clip at the chest. Many, many people have the clip too low. I think the reason people are bringing it up is that you said Ever's the picture of car seat safety when she clearly is not. I don't think anyone said it in a mean way, just a caring mom-to-mom helpful way. Anyway

thedomesticfringe said...

The end of this post just cracked me up!

Good for you for having a good day, even in August.

T said...

August just creeps me out... don't know why really - it's just the ONLY month that doesn't seem to have a positive "something to look forward to" attached to it... and thus we endure - not well mind you... but we do endure.

and your safety conscious babe is downright GORGEOUS btw :) My daughters won't be jealous at all that I said that. (okay, they will... so let's keep it on the down low)

kwg said...

hahaha I am not usually a safety commenter, but if that contraption is also a carseat, please make sure the straps are actually on her shoulders, and not on her arms like they are in the picture.

(I can't help it. I am a pediatrician.)

Great post!

cozzmesteph said...

I hate August, too.
Despite taking meticulous care of them, I have killed THREE frogs.
Bless you for having thick skin and continuing to share your life with the masses.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, people. Just ugh. What is wrong with you? And do you even remember why she hates August? SHUT UP, people. Get a life. Seriously.

from my front porch... said...

Gee, I don't have anything negative to say. I don't have kids. Just horses, dogs, and cats.
And I don't know anything about car seats.
Oh, wait! Yes, I do!!
We use one of those stappy things, kinda like a seatbelt, for our
150lb. Mastiff. It's like a doogy seatbelt. Very easy to use. This keeps pup from falling out the window of the car when he is hanging his head out and drooling in the wind.(Even though he is too big to fit through the window)

By the way, I think Ever's tounge is longer than pups!
Just sayin'

And Cjane? People want to give me horsey advice

Even though I have intials behind my name that say I am really, really qualified.

I cannot imagine being the Mom of little human beings and constantly be told how I should do it better.
I mean I would never have thought to look at a baby tounge to see how long it was!

I am a faithful Cjane follower, and I do believe you are doing a darn good job!! :)

xo, misha

every year i write a letter to Summer. I know how you have nothing to do all day at Retro House, so take a peek. Now take those shoes off!

Katie Price said...

ha ha ha. i hate that the secret is out. mormons don't care about earth consequences. who says crap like that?

you're doing a great job. tell everyone who doesn't think so to shove it.

i should be more christlike. but i just can't in the face of such ignorance!

Karey said...

I, too, am not a fan of August. It means back to school and I'm one of those strange moms who HATES sending her kids back to school. And this year, I hate it even more because back to school means off to college for my oldest. I hate August this year more than ever!

I do like the canyon, however and I love the falls. As a little girl we lived up that canyon and drove by those falls every time we needed groceries. It is a lovely part of my childhood.

Bridget said...

ever is sooooo cute. i wouldn't blame you for eating her.

The Bostock Fam said...


So i have to tell you about my NEW favorite smores. 1st you roast the mallow but not just ANY mallow toasted coconut! seriously HEAVEN. then you put the chocolate in the mallow( I prefer reese peanut butter cup) but hersheys w/almond will do then you put the mallow on the gram. enjoy! Please

liz canaan roberts said...

i used to think it was called "bride of hell falls".

bookette said...

August is a great month to go camping, especially in Utah. Try Hope campground (Provo Canyon), or Blackhawk (Payson Canyon). Hope is more primitive (er, outhouses), Blackhawk has electricity, and flush toilets, if that matters to you.
Either way, it's much cooler up there. And so close to home, it's worth it even for just one night.

Kelly said...

Hate August, hate frogs, hate carseat-nazi's.....LOVED this post, though, and LOVE Ever and the Chief. :)

Thefab4 said...

Ever is such a beautiful baby!!! What a great family outting. October is my yuck month. Don't ask me why. I just think the word looks ugly. Our daughter's due date was September 29th and I was so scared she would be born in October (silly me I know). Thankfully she was a September baby. September just sounds prettier. :)

Anonymous said...

First, I have to say, CJane, I so admire your writing! You're truly gifted. I also adore your sassiness, and your knack for, yes, stirring the pot. That's also a gift! ;)

Now, to all the tightly sphinctered ladies swooning with the vapors over your reckless disregard for strap safety... I'm 53 years old. I grew up long before car seat belts and child safety seats. I never wore a helmet in my life while rollerskating, skateboarding, or riding my bike over city streets and country roads. Yes, I fell off. Yes, I always seemed to be nursing scabby elbows and knees. And, yes, I was even x-rayed a time or two because of particularly nasty falls. Guess what? I (my siblings, and all my friends) survived childhood without the need to be smothered in bubble wrap and neurotic parental hysteria.

Ladies, please take a deep breath and dial down the righteous indigantion a bit! :)

Jen in NY said...

Oh please, "Anonymous," sounds like you're a little uptight yourself. No one was freaking out, just giving some helpful advice about the car seat. Yes yes, many of us didn't have carseats when we were little, or seatbelts, etc. But if you could reduce the risk of your child getting injured, wouldn't you? I would, and if you think it's wrong to do that, you're nuts.

Jill said...

I believe the word "love" can never be overused. I love this blog. I love Bridal Veil Falls. I love the little toes on barefoot babies.

Anonymous said...

Well, Jen, what a remarkably personal and vitriolic post! I’m not uptight. Rather, I’m advocating against wrapping children in bubble wrap and sanitizing life to the point of eliminating all risk. To answer your question, if I could reduce the risk of my child being injured, would I do so? Certainly, within reason. To me, reasonable does not include taking complete strangers to task for photos that allegedly show imagined safety risks. As to whether I’m “nuts,” as you opined, well, I may or may not be nuts, but this post hardly offers you a glimpse into my mental health. :) God bless you, Jen in NY!

Anonymous said...

Sing with me now...

"We were born to mothers who smoked and drank
Our cribs were covered in lead based paint
No child proof lids no seat belts in cars
Rode bikes with no helmets and still here we are, still here we are
We got daddy’s belt when we misbehaved
Had three TV channels you got up to change
No video games and no satellite
All we had were friends and they were outside, playin’ outside

It was a different life
When we were boys and girls
Not just a different time
It was a different world

School always started the same every day
The pledge of allegiance then someone would pray
Not every kid made the team when they tried
We got disappointed and that was all right, we turned out all right

No bottled water, we drank from a garden hose
And every Sunday, all the stores were closed"

Traci said...

The last picture of Ever made my morning - what a precious baby :)

kwg said...

Courtney Jane - please skip this post - it is not meant for you. It is meant for the people who care us "car seat nazis and uptight and what not)

When you love children, you want them to be safe. And if you saw the horrible awful consequences of inappropriately restrained children in car accidents and bike accidents, you, too, would not wax poetic about your innocent life when you wore no helmets or car seats.

Those of us who have seen the ugliness and the possible consequences want ALL children, especially those of a beloved blogger do well. Don't dismiss us as being harpy or uptight. We are all good women. Lay down your arms.


SDK said...

I have never read through your comments before. They are absolutely hilarious! The things people let come out of their mouths when cloaked in the veil of Internet anonymity!
Luckily, I am sure you read them and giggle while muttering to yourself "Thank GOODNESS these women weren't my mother."

mosey said...

Put on your shoes is my current call to action. Thank you for this - you were just what I needed this week.