Rescue Me

Katy by her friend Stewart

Last week something happened.

Well, a lot happened.

But this happened:

Chup and I were swamped. We had six children suddenly. We didn't have time to logically consider our options, we just pressed the "survive" mode on our bio motherboards and went with it.

It was eight o'clock, the horrid bewitching hour when children turn into balls of highly contagious energy. My mother showed up, and between the three of us capable adults, you'd think we could put six children to bed simultaneously. Right? Especially because my mother somehow did it years ago with NINE children.

But it wasn't going down so smoothly. The three little boys were chasing each other in rounds, covering all the spaces of the front room and kitchen. The girls were reading out loud (LOUD) and were too engrossed to put pajamas on without consistent supervision. The house was covered in STUFF, books, cars, toys, used tissue, crackers, water bottles, books, backpacks, clothes and fake robotic cat fur.

Then the baby started screaming.

Chup, my mother and I all had drained reservoirs. We stared at each other hoping one of us had the courage to take charge of the situation.

And then the doorbell rang.

It was two of my dearest friends Wendy and Katy stopping by for a visit. They showed up just as The Chief had interrupted his game of chase with Ollie and Gigs to wrap his arms and legs around my legs--like a clingy monkey--as I was soothing Ever with a bouncy walk. When he saw who it was at the door, he then started to push me away from our visitors. Because he wasn't about to be ignored one minute longer.

It was pure, organic, un-staged chaos.

Chup stood at the door and told them honestly, "Worst timing ever."

So they smiled and said, "We'll come back another time."

I felt horrible. But I couldn't do anything about it because life had sorta smacked me in the head and I was reeling. And going with it.

Eventually, we won. The girls read themselves to sleep, the boys were tucked in by Umi, The Chief was snuggled in Ever's crib and I cuddled with my baby in my bedroom.

When the house was quiet an impression came to my mind,

"I sent Katy and Wendy over to help you."

Of course.

What I thought was an ill-timed visit was really a perfectly-timed visit. Why didn't I let Wendy put the little boys to bed (she and Ollie have "a thing") and pass the baby over to Katy to soothe? This would've freed me to pick up the house, my mother to help the girls and Chup to concentrate on The Chief--who so obviously needed some earnest attention.

Where was my head?

A couple days later Wendy stopped by again. This time she had balloons for all the children.

"Sorry about the other night, " I said as we sat on the front lawn.

"You know," she started, "Katy and I were at dinner and she kept feeling like we should stop by and see you. After we stopped by we wondered what that was all about."

"I should have used you."

"Yep," Wendy agreed.

A couple days after their visit, Katy's best friend Drew passed away from cancer complications. This event came only weeks after her brother in law Ron passed away as well. Somehow in all of that, she still had a clear mind to think of me.

It makes me realize, no matter how turbulent life can get, I really have no excuses. And believe me, I love excuses. So much so, that I will actually miss them when I grow up and stop using them.

And that is what happened.

Video and photo of me, Wendy and Katy making quesadillas here. Enjoy!

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