This Post Just Gets Better and Better

Writing for me is my exercise.
I used to be an avid walker-- deep breath--but when I walk I have to swing my arms in embarrassing ways that don't lend itself well to stroller pushing. And when the babies go to sleep at night I am usually too tired to go out walking plus it's dark and creepy. So in conclusion Seymour, I choose writing over walking. But that is just the phase I am in. Deep breath.

I told myself yesterday that if I was a very, very good girl and wrote (exercised) at least five times this week on my blog I could have a reward! I was really excited about this reward. Like butterflies in the stomach, rattling around in my throat, and out of my mouth with a shriek sort of reward.

And now I can't remember what that reward was.

When I gave birth two months ago I also signed away the rights to my short term memory. And I wish I could remember that I need to WRITE THESE THINGS DOWN so I don't forget to not forget.

But I am still determined to blog five times this week just in case I remember on Saturday night and I get what I promised myself originally.

I am sure it was something terrific.

Tonight we went swimming at my neighbor Logan's house. Well, he lives up the street and a few blocks over but whatever. I wore a new swimming suit that Cardigan Empire inspired me to buy. Only it doesn't have straps. It's a strapless swimming suit. I don't know if Mormon's can wear strapless swimming suits and consider themselves modest, but there I was. The only other people in the pool beside us were Ric and Lucy and their daughter Betsy. And believe me, all three of them are used to seeing my flotation devises. If you will.

And then.

As we drove home from the swimming pool we passed a whole street full of my neighbors milling about socializing before the end of the day. We drove slowly and waved generously. Then I went into shock because from their angle, no doubt, Chup and I probably looked completely naked. Me in my strapless, Chup without a shirt.


Well it was. I mean, for my neighborhood. What did they all say as our taillights winked on down the road?

I am not going to think about it.

I'm not.

Instead, I want to tell you something. In the paragraph above I mentioned Logan, Cardigan Empire and Ric and I just realized this: Logan' sister Wendy, Cardigan Empire's creator Reachel and Ric all have the same birthday.

And it is tomorrow.

So happy birthday to all three! My gift to them is the mental picture they will get when they think of me and Chup looking naked driving down the street in our family car.

I am so generous.

Sometimes when I blog late at night I feel sorta loopy and in the morning I have a blogging hang over and I think, Oh dear did I really write that?

Like, flotation devices?

I just fell asleep for fifteen minutes while writing this. When I woke up I read the last line I wrote:

Like, flotation devices?

And I couldn't remember what that meant.

I should start walking again.

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