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Me sharing my gift to the Casual Bloggers Conference --photo thanks to Lindsey Redfern from the r house

So back in the prehistoric blogging days, I did this feature called Reader Appreciation Day or RAD as it came to be called. RAD was a way of thanking my kind readership for letting me take their time with my blogging. As a token of appreciation, I let them ask me whatever questions they wanted and I promised to write each and everyone of them back for 24 hours in my comment section.

It was also a testament to my untied-up lifestyle. At that point, I could cuddle with my computer for 24 hours and come up with clever responses and witty c janeisms. In those days I also had the dexterity to pat myself on the back for such blogging heroics. Today? No chance.

In fact, as I write this Ever is crying in her crib because, as it turns out, she likes to think she is my fifth appendage and how could I do anything (like blog) without her attached to my being? Excuse me. I am going to rock her back to sleep where she belongs.

And I am back. With a slightly less heavy chest (should you want to know).

I have been thinking lately that it's about time to bring back RAD, because all readers need to know how much they are appreciated. Really. In light of this, I am going to take some time this week to answer the questions I get asked frequently. Or not so frequently. Or just really interesting inquires I've had lately.

And no, I won't be answering any "where did Nie get her toadstools on her back porch?" type questions because right now Nie and I save our correspondence for more important matters like "Wanna see pictures of the flesh fest Ever Jane?" to which she answers, "Yes please" because she has been in the hospital for a month in Arizona right since after Ever was born, and I happily oblige with seven trillion email attachments.

And so forth.

So without any further ado, or adon't, here is the most frequently asked question of my life:

1. What is The Chief's real name/ Why do you use Ever's real name but not The Chief's?

When The Chief was born I decided not to publicize his name. I wish I could explain why I felt like keeping his name secret, I just did. Maybe it was the desire induced by new motherhood to protect? Really, I can't say. But I made a statement that I wouldn't write his real name on my blog and I've stuck with that decision. Not that you can't find his name on the internet or in my past comments section, or on my Facebook wall. I realize it is out to the public. But I like that he is The Chief around here, and I like keeping his real name quiet.

But I don't feel that way about Ever.

There you go.

2. Are you a soprano or an alto?

Let's just say this: I don't like labels being stamped on my vocal range. I am both. All of it. That too. In fact, I am more than a soprano or an alto. I am a gift. A hot revelation.

Let's be clear on that.

3. Should I start a blog?

I don't recommend blogging to anyone with personalities subject to addiction. Blogging is highly addictive. Once you get your first comment on your first post you will be hooked. Like a fish to the worm. Then you will use the comment count to determine your daily net worth. If blogging is the new virtual community then comments are the currency. The more you have the richer and happier you are (so you think). It can cause complications with your confidence and plague you with self doubt.

But otherwise, yes start a blog.

4. How tall is Chup?

He is six feet and five inches tall.

Now I know you are now going to ask how tall I am.

I am five feet and three inches tall.

There is some serious height discrepancy there, right?

I get called "shorty" a lot by my spouse, but the truth is, I am only one inch shorter than the average American woman. But Chup, he's a lot taller than the average American man. So in reality, I am not short, he's just really tall. For America.

And anyway, I always aimed to marry a tall, meaty man (of any nationality). So really, the discrepancy is just a proof of the fact that I always get what I want.

5. How do you always get what you want?

I like you, but I can't divulge all my secrets on day one.

If I have questions for this week's RAD feature where do I ask them?

Email baby. cjanemail@gmail.com

Unless you are throwing spam my way. Gross. Unless you live in Hawaii and like Spam.

(Still gross.)

chup continues his guide to your father's day gift giving:

I am c jane and like asking questions more than answering them. IRL.

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