Edible Ever and Five Years Later

On Saturday night
I celebrated five years of blogging at the casual blogger conference. I spoke, I sang, I soaked it all in. I loved meeting many of my blogging friends who were encouraging and kind . . . and, for the record, good looking too.

After the conference was over, I dined with almost all of my family--my parents, siblings and spouses--and of course, my handsome Chup A. Cabre who were all in attendance. We consumed bread, shrimp and plates of fish. We teased, we talked, we tasted each others plates, it was pleasurable.

In fact, the whole night was perfect.

Incidentally, the theme of my speech was "How Blogging Has Changed My Life." When I think about it I wonder, how has blogging not changed my life? It has been a life changing experience for me. And every time I've tried to quit, I have felt a push to keep going. I really believe this is a calling in life and I am pretty sure that calling came from God. Called to blog, I suppose.

Blogging has been my glorious outlet and creative project keeping me sane and insane these past few years. And I can't thank my readers enough. Without them I am without.

Plus, I get to post pictures of my baby for all the world to see.

Isn't she something?

Here's to five more years of weblogging my life's journey!


(thanks to Elisa, Caroline and Julie of
Mormon Mommy Blogs for giving me a chance to speak!)

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