And He Calls Himself a Connoisseur

The most likable guy on this planet is my brother in law Andrew "Ric" Beesley.

No. I am serious. He is.

Take the most likable person you know. Ok? Got it? Now, inflate that person's likability by 75%. Next, take the bloated likability and triple it. No. Quadruple it. Now spread frothy syrup all of it, roll it in crispy bacon bits and douse it with fresh creme.

That's Andrew.

And I could spend all night telling you about why he's so unbelievably likable, like how he spent his birthday evening cooking dinner for his entire family which was like two thousand (stripling warriors) in laws alone. Or how he taught me invaluable lessons on valuing food--dining with him is a dreamy adventure. Or how he inexplicably fell in love with my sister Lucy after knowing her through her not-so-nice-cheerleader-spoiled-bratty-brat-brat phase in high school and STILL MARRIED her. I mean, once they had english class together and NOW THEY HAVE A BABY TOGETHER? Help me calculate that scenario please because-marrying someone you knew in high school? There are so many complications there . . .

He's enjoyable, easy going, always up for socializing and the guy can hold discourse with just about anyone anywhere. He tells me funny stories with added impersonations and animated eyes. He makes gorgeous wedding rings, pearl earrings and is awfully kind to his customers. AND, he's so old fashioned you'd think he was your grandpa. (And maybe he is . . . did your mom have english class with him?)

Did I mention he wears Newsie caps and always drives the speed limit?

The other night when we were swimming, Chup gave Andrew his special new waterproof HD camera to try out under the waves. Those two, Chup and Andrew are engineers at heart. They like to talk about stuff and how stuff works or how stuff doesn't work but should. It keeps them both entertained so that Lucy and I can talk about things they'd roll their eyes at--like the best show on tv SYTYCD (we fight over Twitch).

And he likes everything quality but uses the word "fancy" instead.

You may be thinking, "Geeze Courtney, why didn't you marry him?"

But the truth is, I've got a stellar merman all of my own:

Happy Birthday Ric Farmer, hope you feel better soon.

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