Why I Am Not Your Average Teenager: By Anne Leishman (17yrs)

I open my eyes as sunlight streaks through my bedroom blinds. I am 4 years old and it’s a Saturday morning in May. I hear the birds tweet as they stretch their wings getting ready for the day’s flight. I wonder what this day holds in store. I smell scrambled eggs sizzling on the stove, but I get strawberries and cream for breakfast instead. My curly blonde hair is all tangled up, and I am dreading brushing it today. I run on errands with my dad and then we work in the yard. My hands tingle in the wet dirt. I get distracted as I find wiggly worms and smell the pink tulips. I watch my mom as she makes dinner. I hope its spaghetti. I play pirates with Joe and live in pure bliss. Later, my daddy rocks me to sleep under the twinkling stars while singing my favorite lullabies. My simple four year old life is perfect as I see the world in technicolor.

I open my eyes as my alarm buzzes. I am 17 years old and it is a school morning in May. My school year is just wrapping up. The intensity and stress of test review and exams is finally over and now I can focus on enjoying the end of my junior year. I roll right onto my knees and thank my Heavenly Father for all he has blessed me with. Then I proceed to shower, eat breakfast, attempt to wake up a very groggy Joe, and put on makeup. I head to school knowing that today is going to be a wonderful day. I listen during class, but I doze off during French. I talk to friends and I am grateful they accept me for being me. I dream of my future and everything that’s in store me. I see the drama of high school life and I wish everyone could just get along. Then, the best part of the day, going home. I walk in my room and see that my mom folded my laundry for me (she’s the best). I help prepare dinner and do what’s left of my homework. I can’t wait for Dad to come home so that we can talk (he’s wonderful too). Hopefully, after my long day I can finally get my beauty sleep. My life as a 17 year old is definitely more complicated than in the past, but I love it for what it is and I still the world in technicolor.

Although the spontaneity of my childhood is gone, those 13 years of growing up sure taught me a lot about life and not accepting being average. I remember that being 4 meant being everyone’s best friend and living life to have fun. I remember finding joy in the smallest things that worms and lullabies. I remember that I loved myself. I am not your average teenager because I live life with the values of a child. I love knowing people and being friends with everyone. I try to change my focus as I look for the small things and most importantly I have come to accept myself because I am strong. I love strawberries. I am willing to learn. I am creative. I love my family. I like playing the piano and I love pearls and lace. I am short and blonde. I am a daughter of God. I am me.

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