Two Dude

It is late.

We're passing around the flu at our house like a hot potato.

Chup broke his toe.

Ever will only sleep next to my beating heart.

But I want to pay homage to the little entity who made me a mother two years ago.

Happy Birthday Boy!

Tonight you found a metal thermos at Umi's house and it immediately became a spaceship blasting off into orbit. Your ability to make sound effects is pretty advanced for a boy your age. Even Daddy (he, King of the Sound Effect) gives you great kudos. Maybe your obsession with rockets and spaceships will propel you to be an astronaut one day.

(I couldn't handle not having you in this atmosphere though, I'd miss you terribly.)

If two years went this fast, how will time speed by for the next two years? And the next two after that?

(I am afraid to find out.)

5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off!

I am c jane and I love that little boy.
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