Motherhood on Me: The End

We decided to go on a family field trip
to Salt Lake yesterday. Before the babies, Chup and I spent lots of time in the Salt City shopping for antiques, watching foreign films and chowing in award winning restaurants. But what good does it do to pine for the past?

Chup had some business to do and I needed a change of scenery. It worked out to be a lovely day. Ever slept the entire time and The Chief was chill. It was sorta like pre-babies again. We drove to the industrial side and checked out the old brick warehouses, train yards and turn of the former century architecture.

We ate lunch at Gourmandise and said yes to eclaires and a piece of pailletin (winking at you Azucar) after our sandwiches. The Chief thought it so divine he fell asleep eating his melted cheese sandwich:

This is the third time he has fallen asleep eating lunch. The first time he was having french fries in Idaho, the last time he was chewing pizza in his high chair. Should I be worried about food-induced narcolepsy?

I checked my comments while we were downtown and decided I wanted to address three things.

1.) Re: Your kindness.

Thank you for the support. I love to read and hear from parents who bless me with their empathy. It is a tough transition--this one child to two game--and I appreciate the "you are not alone" reassurance. I am grateful.

2.) Re: Breastfeeding in public.

I got a text from my brother Topher yesterday which read "No more posts about your boobs" so for his sake I will make this short: I breastfeed publicly and I rarely see the need to use cover-ups. In the past week I had to remove myself while I nursed because one, I had to take off my dress in order to provide access and two, the booth in the restaurant was tiny and I couldn't sit in the booth and hold my baby without her head dipping into the salsa. Cramped quarters is no way to nurse, at that point I preferred to take it outside. But as for the rest of my breastfeeding mojo, I find it quite easy to nurse modestly with a lift of the shirt. And no, I don't even use the "mother's lounge" at church because I find that place is stinky most of the time. Stinky quarters is also no way to nurse, in fact I believe it to be torture.

3.) Re: The Chief's shortly buzzed hair.

In our tribe, a buzzed haircut is honorary. I realize you may not prefer to shorn your posterity, but in my family (extended into the generations) a short buzz is a rite of passage. I don't wear rings around my neck or extend my earlobes with whatever you extend your earlobes with, but I do allow for my male relations to wear their hair exceedingly short. It's us. As for the part where The Chief looks back and says "Mom, what were you thinking?" I've already addressed that, it's covered. I am sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

P.s. Cancer patients are heros around here.

I guess this ends my Motherhood on Me week. It hasn't been the most glorious week of my life, but I survived, you survived--only my sleek reputation didn't make it.

I mean, if I ever had a sleek reputation. Now I am beginning to wonder . . .

I am c jane and this week I posted photos of my new life as a mother of two.
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