Motherhood on Me: Camera Ready

Yesterday Chup and I had a rare opportunity to be interviewed together. Brooke Walker from KSL's Studio 5 came over and asked us about how we find our inner strength in times of trial.

Trial, as in the recent incident where The Chief threatened to throw a golf ball at me while I was nursing Ever? Despite my serious and deep throat-ed demands for him to PUT THE GOLF BALL DOWN, he launched the florescent green grenade at us with two-year-old gusto. It skimmed my Ever's head as it sailed through the room, she made an annoyed face and resumed nursing. But I was livid. At that point I must've found inner strength because I tell you what, I wasn't feeling anywhere near merciful. I had a quick fantasy of offering him up to be an full-time apprentice caddy for the PGA--you know if he likes GOLF BALLS SO MUCH. See you when you turn eighteen kid.

Trial, like your house is a mess and a camera crew is going to be here in fifteen minutes?

Sometimes I find inner strength when I locate Ever's pacifier and turn on "Woody-Buzz" for The Chief so I can pick up a little. And vacuum.

(Don't you love fresh vacuum lines?)

Trial, as in KSL is in my front room ready to shoot and my baby starts crying because she needs to be fed and the dress I am wearing doesn't button up the front and requires me to take the entire thing off and breastfeed from the compounds of my bedroom leaving the operation in my front room without me?

Trial, as in Brooke Walker is here at the exact same time The Chief suddenly smells like a neglected sewer plant?

Trial, as in asking Cory the camera man to "please give me a good angle" because "I just had a baby two weeks ago and nobody will be listening to my wisdom if all they can see is my engorged chest please"?

By-the-way, Chup and I both answered the same to Brooke's question,

How do we find inner strength?

Faith in God. Belief in a Savior. And knowing that "it all works out."

Plus, a weekly Ritter Sport.

(Chilled in the fridge for good measure.)

How do you find inner strength?

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