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After dinner tonight
I took The Chief for a walk around the neighborhood. We stopped to look at a dead bug, a couple rocks and smell our neighbor's lilac bush. This pre-bedtime ritual was going well until it started to rain.

As we rounded the corner home, I noticed a car outside our house. Getting closer I realized it was our bishop and his wife. I love my bishop and his wife, it must be said.

"Hey. We wanted to stop and talk to you while you stood in the rain," said my bishop.

"Great. I heard it helps with weight loss," I responded.

"We saw you on TV!" said my bishop's wife.

"Did you?" I asked a little surprised. You never know who is watching spill your inner guts to the entire state . . . and beyond.

"Yes. You were so great we've decided to get divorced," said my bishop.

Divorce is nothing to joke about, but that exchange had me laughing all night.

Ever since I watched the segment I've been a little worried that it seemed like I was promoting divorce. I appreciate the levity of a man who champions the sanctity of marriage. It was reassuring. I told my bishop and his wife they needed to take their show on the road--I love their act.

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