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There is a room here
at Retro House we call the Green Room. Basically it is a ginormous bonus room covered in Astro Turf. I've heard that the original owners built it for social functions like adult soirees and wedding receptions. It doesn't have any heating elements so during the winter it's an ice box. But as soon as the sun starts to sizzle in the spring we open it up again and it becomes a killer play room. It has a wall of sliding glass doors that present a gorgeous view of the mountains and open up to our wide backyard. We spend our summers in this room with an industrial swamp cooler and Popsicles.

I really love this room. Can you tell?

I've had a pressing urge to get it cleaned up and ready for this season, so on Monday Chup and I spent the day cleaning wall-to-wall and organizing all the toys. It was a whole lot of work. (The next day our feet and legs were refusing to function.) That night, after sucking up the last of the spiderwebs, and throwing some decorative pillows on the couch, the room was glowing with ceiling Christmas lights. Chup ate a bowl of cereal and I had a lemonade. We looked over our work and declared it good.

Today--two days later--I've got four extra children living with me again. My sister Stephanie is going through an intensive surgery in Arizona and her children are staying here for a time. Maybe even a couple weeks, who knows. Thank heavens for the earlier promptings to clean out the Green Room--it is where we are going to be hanging out for the next little while. All eight of us.

Wish us luck.

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