Still Here: Part Four

I don't know how to write what I am feeling this morning, but this is my attempt.

In the final days of summer I went over to pick peaches in my neighbor's garden. I remember seeing one overly rotund, fleshy, single peach on a somewhat secluded tree. It hung on the end of a branch pulling all the weight of the bough down to the earth. The leaves of the tree were bowing with biological respect. Here was the crowning achievement of the entire tree, this offering of dripping sucrose and scratchy skin, ready to be picked and consumed.

And looked like it was holding on for dear life.

I feel ripe.

That about sums it up.

*Peach Tree in Bloom by Van Gogh.

Next week I am taking a blogger's break BUT I have declared it Men's Week on all three blogs. That means the men in my life are going to take over and do some posting for me.

Chup will update dear cjane with products he fancies himself.

c jane's Guide to Provo will see a plethora of Provo men (including the mayor himself!) guide you around their side of town. This will include a restaurant review, music scene and a date night as well.

And this blog will be posted with thoughts from selected husbands on how they support their wives. Topics will include infertility, labor, postpartum, still born and adoption. I'd remind you that you don't want to miss it, but you already knew that.

Of course, should any bundle arrive around here, we will let you know.

Wish us all luck!


dear c jane:
Are you Jessica?

c jane's Guide to Provo:
It Lives!

Thanks everyone for your well-wishing. We feel positively blessed here at Retro House!

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