Perfecting the Bugs

Last week while hunting Easter eggs in the remote parts of Lucy's mini-farm, The Chief collected an egg at the same time a fire bug flew into his basket. This was extraordinarily exciting to him, but has since created toddler-esque confusion.

He now calls eggs bugs.Align CenterAs you see here at our neighborhood Easter egg/bug hunt last Saturday, The Chief collected bugs for his basket. He found about ten of them. Chup and I have never been prouder.

Extra points if you can find me and the still-here baby bump in the photo.


Tonight at our family Easter dinner my Dad, Lucy and I were talking about this weekend's General Conference--a semi-annual weekend of Mormon enlightenment. Then we got on the subject about how Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles winked at the camera during his talk. I should tell you in case you didn't see it, it was a really energetic wink.

Maybe when you are an apostle you are blessed with super winking skills? Who knows? I mean, I don't because I am not an apostle.

This conversation led to Lucy's confessing of meeting Elder Nelson one time and while shaking his hand and saying hello a bubble of spit flew out of her mouth and landed on his tie. She said he was most gracious and acted like he didn't notice.

"But how could you not notice?" She wailed.

Once this was unearthed, my dad took a turn talking about when he was a young bread winner working for a large corporation. He was invited to a luncheon where the president of the company was coming to meet employees. As it turned out, the president asked to be seated next to my dad, which Dad took as a good sign.

"At one point during the lunch I turned to talk to the president and a piece of lettuce came shooting out of my mouth and landed on his lapel. He picked it off with his fingers. Then he went cold and I knew he had lost interest in me."

Then my mom chimed in, "He came home so disappointed and said 'I made a--what do you call that word?--a faux pas.' It haunted him for weeks."

But because it was in the past we laughed for a good five minutes about it all and offered up the "what you should have done" suggestions. Perhaps my dad could've said:

"Would you like some Ranch with that piece of lettuce?"

"Not only am I great with sales, I can also shoot lettuce out of my mouth! As you can see."

"Would you like a to-go box with that piece of lettuce?"

And as we laughed until we were wiping tears, Lucy picked up a piece of lettuce off her plate and stuck on my dad's lapel without him noticing.

Which made me laugh even harder. Which made my dad laugh even harder. Which made Lucy laugh even harder.

It stayed on his lapel completely unnoticed until my niece Olivia joined our table.

"Grandpa, you have a piece of lettuce on your lapel." She informed him like it was the weirdest thing she'd ever seen.

"Oh!" Said my dad picking it off with his fingers.

Then we rolled.

Thinking about it all tonight, I have concluded this: At Easter we celebrate Christ's resurrection, which means everyone who has ever lived will also be resurrected and will live again. But the second time around, we will have a perfect body. Tonight I am hoping that means a body that doesn't spit unexpectedly, shoot lettuce without warning or just generally avoids bodily embarrassment all together.

Plus super winking skills?

Something to celebrate indeed.


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