Guest Post: Steph's (Nie Nie's) Guide for a Mother with a New Baby

Steph with Ever

Before my beloved sister left for Arizona to blow up the balloon in her back, I asked her to write down ten tips for a mother with a new baby. I need all the help I can get--and she is a four-time--two boys, two girls--motherhood-certified professional.

Here is her response:

Ten things to/not do when a new babe comes into the mix:

I have had 4 children. With each pregnancy and delivery, I have learned a few tricks. I also get the goods on certain secrets from my mother who had 9 children and my mother-in-law who had 11.

So, as I blog for my sister Cjane, I share with you 10 tips to do (or not) with a new little one.

10. Babies are babies- they are not little adults. Please don’t dress them as one. One example comes to mind: Babies who are under 6 months (at the very least) shouldn’t wear jeans. They still sleep very often and there is nothing more that I hate than sleeping in Jeans. Soft, cotton and cuddly are my 3 guidelines.

9. I love my babies in soft, soothing colors. Nothing bright and distracting. You need all the peace you can get. Just like you want to paint your bedroom a color that calms and de-stresses you, babies should be dressed the same.

8. Breastfeed! (if possible, of course.) And, pretend you’re the baby. What would you like and enjoy? Chances are your baby will too (i.e.: sleeping, eating, held close, sung too and so on)

7. Wrap. Wrap babies tightly in a lightweight swaddling cloth. They seem happier and it helps the baby feel secure. But, be sure to know when babies need some time to be unwrapped to kick and coo.

6. Ask your husband and other children to help. I asked my older children to help wash binkies, help lather lotion on baby after the tub and pick out babies clothes. They seem to enjoy that task because it helps them feel like a part of the excitement.

5.Sing. I have the worst voice in the world. My baby doesn’t care, and loves to hear me sing. Heck, if Cjane can sing and her babies like it, then so can I! Sometimes, I make up songs and tunes as I go. After baby is asleep you can tell your husband the awesome song you just made up and laugh your head off.

4. Buy a couple of nice button down shirts. They are easy to nurse in, and functional. But, be sure to buy flattering ones make you feel and look beautiful.

3. Rocking chair. A mother MUST have a rocker. It is a age old classic and natural soother. It helps baby settle down and it creates a bond that mother (and Dad) can have with baby.

2. Stay home. My favorite time is after my babies are born when I can just stay home enjoying cuddling, and nursing baby. I was never in a hurry and planned to run my errands when Christian was home. That way baby can nap when he wants and you are low stress. Plus, putting baby in and out of that darn car seat, asleep no less, is the worst.

1. Thank God for your sweet heaven-sent baby everyday!




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