And It's Not Even An April Fools Joke

First of all,
I didn't have a baby.

Second of all,
My husband's last day of work is today.

About six months ago I started thinking about this whole idea of me having two babies and a husband that travels a lot and I thought to myself,

Not ideal.

But strong women do hard things everyday and why shouldn't I join ranks? My sister Page had a husband who was always gone and she had six children . . . maybe even eight? I had no excuse, so I pushed the idea aside and carried on.

But the closer this reality became--this situation where he'd be in Pittsburgh (or Portland, or Pensacola or the whole Panhandle for that matter) working, while I was in Provo with two babies--the less I felt comfortable with the whole experience. Not because I couldn't do the whole enchilada without him, but I was sad he'd miss most of the enchilada.

(Sometimes he leaves on business trips with crocodile tears streaming down his face. I basically married Sentimental. It is too much!)

One day I told him,

I think you should leave your job.

And the fun thing about our marriage is that whenever I say something shocking like that, the dude listens to me. He says,

Really? Ok.

I mean not every time. When I knew we were supposed to buy Retro House he fought me all the way until I had to barter with blessings. I said,

If you buy me Retro House, I promise you will be blessed.

And he said,

Can you guarantee it?

And I said,


And six months after we bought Retro House we had four children living with us. Four children! The blessings of four children in one house is phenomenal. You should try it! (Maybe you have?)

Of course, I make sure that heaven and I are on the same page before I go promising the big stuff. Usually I pray about these revelations long and hard. It helps to be nesting too. I think nesting is one of those unique times in a woman's life when she is completely aware of her immediate and future needs.

I was nesting when we bought Retro House.


Don't worry about us. My husband can do anything. He could be a car mechanic, he could be a corporate trainer, he could be an actor, he could be a stay-at-home daddy, he could be an artist, he could be a professor. I basically married Capable.

He'll find something new that will keep his (sweet) buttocks home for awhile. If anything pray that we will find harmony in being together so much. I am also Usually Insensitive who basically married Poetically Sensitive. Oh Chup and I . . .

But for the time being, he is going to help me out with some aspects of my blogs that have been neglected. Like for instance, his photographs have been greatly missing--like where is the one at the top of this post? Hmmm? He's also going to put some of his English Major skills to use by helping out with some editing (hallelujah!) and writing himself too.

Plus, there is a lot of work to be done to keep the readers happy and to satisfy my intent to bring sunshine to the internet. (Just in case you were wondering what I'm doing here, or trying to do here.) I want to be better.

PLUS! I'm going to start writing half of my postings in French.

(That was an April Fools Joke-ha! ha!)

(Jokes should be improving sometime soon as well . . .)

This is the part where I thank you the reader for supporting us. You keep us going strong.

Chup and I support you back.

Welcome to a new era of c jane ENJOY IT!

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THANK YOU! Thank you!

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