This is a St. Patrick's Day Tribute to One of My Favorite Irishpeople:

Sinead O'Connor.

Because one time when I was in junior high we had an after school dance. There was this gigantic screen on one end of the dance floor where videos were being played. When her video, Nothing Compares 2 U came on I suddenly felt this intense desire to feel something. Something dramatic and deep and completely mysterious. And I wanted to cry and have all my friends desperately ask "What is wrong?" And I wouldn't say anything, I'd just run away.

Isn't that awesome?

By-the-way, did you know that Prince wrote that song? I was just informed by Wikipedia.

Then one Thanksgiving Day when I was in high school I listened to her entire I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got album and fell into an obsession. I asked for a guitar for Christmas and had serious intentions of learning This Is The Last Day of Our Acquaintance. I wanted to be able to make those squeaky sounds on the guitar inbetween chords.

My guitar lessons only lasted two months, but I've listen to that album every Thanksgiving season since.

I know she's been controversial, and maybe a little overwhelming at times but didn't she make things right when she went on Oprah to explain Bipolar Disorder and let the cameras into her unpretentious, somewhat disheveled, humble flat in Dublin?

Anyway, I don't know. But I like her.

Stay tuned for next year: Jonathan Swift.

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