Cry If I Want To

It is with great anticipation
I announce this week, this very second week of March, a week in which I will join my family and friends in celebrating what I humbly call my birthday. I can't help it, I just want to raise my goblet in the air and toast another year of being alive. And I intend to do it with my whole, grateful heart.

In order to celebrate correctly however, I am forced to take this week off from blogging on this Enjoy It blog. Should you be interested, you are more than welcome to follow me and this week's daily celebratory adventures on my Provo blog. From local theater to food, we intend to revel until the week winds down. Or until I go into labor, which ever happens first.

Of course, either way I will see you back here on Monday when I resume my alias as c jane, Blogging Warrior Princess.

My Provo Blog:
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