The Post I Sacrificed My MAC Lipstick to Write

In the middle of posting last night I fell asleep with the laptop warm on my lap in bed. When Chup came in to turn off the lights he woke me up and asked if he should turn off the computer. In a haze, I said, "yes, just a minute" and proceeded to erase the entire post I was working on. I think it was better that way because I am not sure what my droopy subconscious had written.

Something about how I've got a horrible case of nesting?

This morning I also noticed that as I was texting Lucy in Arizona yesterday checking up on everyone, I had texted some very bizarre messages, to which she repeatedly responded, "what?" "what?"

It is possible I am only functioning on a fourth of a brain. It happens, my neighbor on the west side only had a fourth of her brain and what a party she was! Random and tipsy. I loved having her visit.

Anyway, I will try again tonight. In the meantime, I am going to splash deathly cold water on my face and see if I can't get off the island of Tired & Worn Out.

Third trimester! How it haunts!

p.s. did this make sense?

p.p.s in order to be able to write this post I let The Chief play with my make up. A part of me is not ready to push PUBLISH and see the holy damage I allowed in the bathroom floor.

p.p.p.s he just came to me with a chunk of my lipstick in his teeth and black eye shadow all over his lips.

p.p.p.p.s it is as bad as you are imagining.

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