Not So Much Better

You know, sometimes I just have to admit defeat.

The only real blogging I was able to do this evening was about SLABpizza for my Provo blog ( baby!) It's a new shop and already Chup and I have been there seven trillion times. In fact, the last time we showed up I actually apologized to the owner Eric for coming so often. Basically he has become our family chef, only we go to his place so I don't have to do the dishes afterward.

(If I have a personal chef, why am I so tired?)

I wore this same outfit at a promo I did for Halftees yesterday. Come to think of it, it doesn't matter how much pizza I eat, my Halftee will always fit. (I should've said that in the promo! Brilliant news!) Anyway, if you ever see the promo on the Halftees website you will recognize this outfit. I am saving myself embarrassment here.

I am in the third trimester, only two things fit and I am going to rotate until I deliver. Purple shirt, black dress, purple shirt, black dress, purple shirt labor pains and done.

Thanks Wendy for the photo.

(Am I flaring my nostrils in the photo--a little bit?)
(And is that a wink? I can't really decide.)

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