Lovely Lady Bumps

Today I met my sister's hump and she met mine.

Does that sound weird?

My sister Stephanie is in Arizona where doctors have inserted a balloon-type mechanism into her back. As this balloon expands so does the healthy skin, which creates a double hump on her shoulder. With this harvested skin they will be able to fix the skin on her neck and chin, thus helping her with mobility in those areas. I feel like a scientist explaining all this.

Chup had some business to do in Phoenix, so me and the little guy climbed aboard the plane with him. After we landed this afternoon we went over to visit The Nielsons. We found all to be well, the children were as spicy as ever and The Chief fell madly in love with Ollie and Gigs all over again.

We spent a good time in the backyard playing on the grass. What a novelty. February and soft grass.

Claire and Jane who have been skeptical of my pregnancy from the beginning finally admitted that my forward hump was indeed baby-induced.

"Is it like been pregnant, with your hump backwards?" I asked Stephanie noticing that she had to avoid certain positions. Like I do.

"Um. Not so much." She replied.

Of course it's not.

Truthfully, I have no idea what it is like for her. And sometimes when in crowded places I will look around and see how most people have healthy skin--unburned, untreated. My sister lives a life that very few--very few--can understand. It involves daily emotional and physical pain at levels I may never feel.

Sometimes it is overwhelming to comprehend.

Still, it was nice to sit outside until evening watching Chup throw the kids all over the lawn and discuss sisterly things like maternity leggings and growing your hair down to the bum line. Dreamy.

Someday, in a few months time, we will no longer have our matching bumps. I will have a baby to show for it, and she will have a reconstructed neck and chin. And both come with added bonuses: she'll be able to lounge on her backside, and I will once again relish face-down tummy sleep.

Looking forward to it.

On dear c jane today:
Great plates!

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