To My Sister in the Sunshine

Dear Sister,

I am so happy you are out of the hospital. I bet you are too.

I am writing you this letter because I . . . we . . . me and The Chief, mostly, miss you and the little people. We miss Ollie mornings and Gig wrestles. We miss Claire and Jane's sliding of the sidedoor, sneaking in for an after-school snack on the way home. We miss your texts:
Are the girls there? SEND THEM HOME!

We miss seeing you slouched on the couch at Umi's, relaxed and ready for a visit. We miss pink and white bikes parked in our driveway. We miss small eruptions of little girl's drama echoing throughout our house. And we never thought we miss that.

The Chief misses the cat clock on your wall.
(The one with the waggily tail.)
(He wanted you to know.)
(Did you meet Mao?)

We miss excuses to get an ice cream at the Creamery in late afternoons. We miss the never-mysterious disappearance of our red licorice stash (Ollie!) We miss Rice King nights and Jane's endless devouring of golden tofu.

We miss Claire's drawings decorating our house.

We had a snowstorm this weekend. I bundled The Chief up in ten (or so) layers and sent him outside to explore. It was a perfect snowman-making day. A perfect day for cousins to come down and play. Instead, we ate a couple snowballs and went inside.

And my living room was repainted.
But I want to keep the color a surprise.
(I think you'll like it!)

When are you coming home again?


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