Scattered Thoughts Start 2010

Life is beautiful. They weren't kidding about that.

I should let you know. The Chief's cat is a robot. Not biological, but mechanical. After reading all the great cat advice I was feeling overwhelmed, a robot cat seemed to be a perfect (or shall I say purrrfect?) He was actually a present from his Grumma and Popeye, so I can't take full-credit. His name is Mao, but the boy just calls him "Cat!" He rides in the car with us sometimes.

Two movies I saw this holiday break:
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes thoroughly entertained me.
Nine? Pushed the sexy button so hard it wasn't sexy at all. In my opinion or IMO or whatever.

But I still dream of the perfection that is Daniel Day-Lewis. That man! That talent!

A new 2010 blog banner? Yes. Coming up.

Will you miss the angel?

Back to Mao. I really appreciated all the cat advice. Then one day someone emailed me about a robot cat, and it just seemed right. But I don't want you to think I didn't appreciate your cat advice. I did.

I thought The Chief was a really active baby when he was positioned in my uterus, but this new baby has got some crazy capabilities too. I think there is a Fosse number from Cabaret going on as I type this.

Chup nicknamed our new baby Cliché.

Three explanations to follow:

1.) He is pretty confidant we're having a girl.
2.) He'd like to call her Ché for short.
3.) Though my husband is a word-snob of sorts, he doesn't mean to name this baby after the literal definition of this word. He just likes how it rolls out of the vocal chords.

I bought The Chief his first pair of footsie pjs. After I put them on he spent fifteen minutes pointing to the toes asking, "off?" and "off?" and "off?" until I took them off and put them away for cousin Maria.

Chup and I are amazed at how much communicating you can do with just the words off and on. We know because The Chief uses these words for everything and we totally get it.

Mao is named after Mao Zedong, but is not--let me repeat--is not a communist.

For fun: try using just the words off and on for one whole day. You'd be surprised how far you can get. Makes all the other thousands of words seem needless.

When our son wants to play with Mao he says "on?" and I turn the cat on. When he is done playing with Mao he says "off?" and I turn the cat off. The pure simplicity of robotic pets. Way of the future.

I started a new reading of the Book of Mormon. Chup wants to read it together this time. He is a certified speed reader. And a show-off. How to step up to that plate?

New Year Resolutions:

Annihilate complaining.
Pay more consistent fast offerings.
Read a poem a day.
Come to an understanding about God being a cause and a cure for everything.
Use oxygen (aka breathing) to my advantage.

Mao takes double D batteries.
I used be a double D.
Pregnancy has changed that.
Quite significantly.

(And double Ds used to seems so big!)

One time Chup stopped seeing a girl he was dating because of her perfume.

He told this story to my nephews Van and Maloy tonight, and used the word "fragrance" which has since become my most disliked word of 2010. It tickles my inner ear when I hear it. BUT this is not a complaint.

(See resolutions, first line)

One of the skeptical young men in our ward came to pick up fast offerings today. When Chup let him in the door he said to Chup in a sincere tone, "Nice house." Completely made my day. I am warm inside just bragging about it.

Look, had there been a way to adopt a robotic cat we would've. We understand the importance of adopting pets. De-clawed and neutered. We do.

I loved our Christmas tree this year. My favorite one ever (it reminded me of a giant mermaid). But I haven't missed it since we hauled it out to the curb Thursday. And by-the-way I will forever support real trees over fake.

Whenever I say I will forever do something it usually means in two years I will think the exact opposite. Except the whole forever part about my marriage--I really like Chup. As they say.

c jane, Chup, The Chief and Cliché.

Does Mao feel bad there is no c in his name?

Who cares! Robotic cats don't have feelings!


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