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me in my infertility days

When in the depths of infertility
I found solace in an online forum for other women who shared my situation. Every night before bed, I'd check to see who had written what and looked for any new topics. I remember reading emotional confessions of hope and despair--feelings I knew well. In those online rooms I found friends of support and ideas that helped shape my attitude about wanting nothing more than having a baby in my arms and an unresponsive body. I was buoyed up and validated. And that is how my testimony of forums was formed.

(That last sentence deserves an emmy.)

I am excited about having my own forum--sponsored by the Blog Frog and supported by online friends who visit and post topics for debate and discussion . . . on any subject really. It is a place for women, single-married-divorced-whatever, men who are brave enough to discuss with a community of women, mothers, grandmothers, students, angels, demons and pigs. I love a good battle of ethics with a batch of pigs.

To make things even more interesting, we recently we added several community leaders--bloggers who will be leading regularly on topics from motherhood to womanhood (and beyond!) Today I wanted to introduce these leaders to you and invite you all to meet us over there daily for a an exchange of stories, ideas and thoughts. You will want to meet these women and their brains too.

Ahem, I give to you my Blog Frog Community Leaders:

Heather Johnson M.S.

DSC_0380I am a homemaker, wife and mother. My husband and I have three children (ages 7 1/2, 5 and 1). I am also a professor at Brigham Young University, where I teach Family Psychology. I grew up in Southern California, but now Provo, Utah is our home. Our family likes to play tennis and golf in the summer and ski together in the winter. I enjoy, cooking, good books, sushi, and I have recently discovered that I love to sew. I used to speak French, wish I could dance, and will almost always choose fruity over chocolate.

Jeannie Greenwald
Atlantic Beachlife


Jeannie Greenwald loves life at the beach. She relocated from Michigan to Florida nearly ten years ago and picked a home within walking distance of the beach as her consolation prize for moving away from family and friends there. She and her husband have three kids, ages 13, 12 and 8. Jeannie has a master's degree in psychology and works as an adoption social worker, part-time. Her own three children came to them from Korea and China, so she knows firsthand what it's like for parents who want to adopt. She writes home studies for prospective families, then does fun writing on the blog, replete with photos. Too many photos reside on her hard drive, and she never actually decide which 12,000 to delete. Jeannie loves gardening - and living in a place where she can garden year-round. Jeannie does not love cooking but has a daughter who actually enjoys the kitchen, so Jeannie does spend more time there than she would, if she had her way. She enjoys swimming - both lap swimming, and playing in the ocean or in Florida's springs - snorkeling, taking naps both on her couch or on the beach, reading good fiction, shopping, and talking on the phone with her sister. She loves exploring new places in Florida where both she and her kids can have a good time. Jeannie recently created a line of tee shirts for her local beach towns, and hopes to expand that business to other coastal communities. Jeannie spends way too much time online in general, so of course she's excited about interacting with everyone in the Cjane community.

Layla Bliss
Lets Talk About Our Love

n1417279818_30306380_2314383 i love Jesus.
i love my good husband.
i love our sweet son.
i am blessed.
i am thankful.
i am waiting.
i love making food, making music, making relationships, making stuff.
i am enjoying the goodness of wifery and motherhood. and i want to remember it.

Deb Averett
Fresh Nest Design

Deb grey Deb Averett is a mom of a 2 year old going on 15 and lives in the Midwest. She loves blogging-- you can find her at at http://FreshNestDesign.com which is an interior design blog helping readers find their style and teaching them DIY tricks as well as sharing inspirational mood boards. She also helps businesses and bloggers get a handle on their marketing plans over at Toolulu {http://toolulu.com}-- which mixes social media with traditional marketing. She loves the simple things in life like fire flies and ice cream.

Jenny Eckton
Formerly Phread

blog pic I grew up in New York (not the city) and currently happily reside in Provo, Utah. I'm a mom to six: five alive and one in Heaven, and a wife to a man who is passionate about education. I enjoy media (tv, radio, movies, and music), and have participated in two triathlons so far.

Evonne Ballard
Evie b photography

IMG_3046 (1)

I'm a mom to three young kids (two girls aged 4 & 3) and a little boy (almost 1 1/2) and I'm married to my complete opposite! I'm a born-and-raised Los Angeles girl and Utah transplant and he's a hunting, fishing, mountain-y Utah boy who loves anything and everything to do with the Dallas Cowboys (ugh). And yet, somehow, it works! My biggest struggle at this stage in my life is figuring out how to balance it all. Besides mom & wife, I am a self-taught photographer by trade, work a part time job at night, often use the TV as a babysitter, try to be crafty, dream of writing someday, and have more projects in my head than time in the day to finish them. My photography blog is just that...pretty cut and dry. My personal blog is really a reflection of what's going on in our lives. Posts vary from observations at work, things my kids have done (or not done), gratitude, the joys of motherhood, family frustrations, crafts and tutorials and photos. It really is a hodge podge of lots of things...much like my everyday life!

And please meet me at the forum this afternoon (1:30 mst) for a live chat about whatever you feel like talking about. I might want to muse about the shrimp fritters I ate the other day. But you know, that is just me.

For the online chat, go here.

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