I stopped writing about my sister Stephanie's recovery when she could write about it herself. I realized that there was a whole population of people who were only interested in the story and not so much about me and my self-important thoughts. (What? Why not?)

Some readers stayed around hoping to hear more anyway. Some sent me emails wondering why I wasn't writing about my sister anymore. I wrote back explaining that I couldn't tell her story. It wasn't my story. And truthfully, after six months of pouring my heart out on this blog, I was a little tired of the heaviness of it all. I lost a lot of readers I know, but it felt like a great weight had been lifted.

And Steph was strong enough to take it on.

Tonight I read Jaimee Rose's part two article about Stephanie's story in the Arizona Republic. It brought back so many of those feelings--mostly heart breaking. I know for many people on this planet this story was inspiring, but some days (the days Jaimee writes about in this article--in particular) this journey was nothing but painfully difficult. On every level possible.

In light of that, I want to write this: it wouldn't have been a victory if not for visions of hope, a faith in God and a glorious perspective of eternity.

And man, I love my sister.

Read the article here.
Read more about our faith here.

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