Five Photographs in Five Days: Day Three

Inquiring minds like to ask Chup and I how we feel about living so close to my family. I think for the most part we both relish in the benefits. Lots of help, lots of company, lots of cousins to entertain our son.

Today I'd like to blog about one downfall.

Our son, The Chief, believes he has two mothers. I am his task-oriented, disciplinarian mom, and Lucy is the fun mom. When Lucy is around I am barely mentioned in my son's behavior. As for her daughter Betsy, The Chief has come to the conclusion that her existence is to serve his need to poke, roll and body slam another human being. Lucy and Betsy make up my son's perfect team of excitement and thrill.

As far as The Chief understands, he is part of their family too. Immediate family.

Per proof, I show you outtakes from Chup's photoshoot with Andrew, Lucy and Betsy this last Saturday. The point was to capture life in Betsy's nursery for their annual family Christmas card. The challenge was to explain to our son why he wasn't included in their family photograph.

"This is Betsy's mommy and daddy." I explained to The Chief utilizing a mix of small talk and hand gestures. "You stay over here [on this side of the camera] with your mommy and daddy."

But he did not like this idea--as his sneaky tactics attest:

Ah well.

What are you going to do?

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